Beauty treatments that are worth the money

Collaborative post by another author. There’s nothing people love more than a pampering session and some much-needed me time. However, it can sometimes be expensive. That’s why it’s important to narrow down those beauty treatments that are worth the big price tag. If you’re struggling to decide which treatments will be an investment you really won't regret, keep reading.

A person with closed eyes, cotton wool under her eyes and eye lash tint on the eyelashes
Eyelash tints can make your eyes more defined without the need for daily mascara

What Beauty Treatments Are Worth The Money?

Gel Manicures

It’s possible you’re getting a manicure at least once a week to keep your nails looking healthy and fresh. However, since your nails are exposed to the elements all year round, you might find your weekly manicure quickly gets chipped. Instead, give your hands some love with a gel manicure; while a little more expensive than an ordinary manicure, a gel manicure helps preserve the look of your nails in the long run. Better yet, these treatments usually come with a hand massage, thorough exfoliation and mask treatments. Talk about a great pamper sesh.


Keeping on top of your hair removal can be tricky, especially if you’re shaving your legs with a regular  razor. Wax treatments can help you enjoy silky-smooth skin for even longer… this often means up to 4 weeks of hair-free skin! If you don’t have enough time to go to the beauty salon for a wax, you can replicate the treatment at home using wax strips. Very soon you’ll find your hair grows back at a much slower rate. 

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint

Did you know that a full-looking brow or a good set of eyelashes can draw more attention to your eyes and help improve your overall facial structure? That’s why an eyebrow and eyelash tint is so popular. This treatment works especially well for blonde people or those with lighter brows - but equally, if you have a reaction to mascara this treatment is also a quick way to make your eyes pop!

Brow Lamination

Among various beauty treatments, brow lamination truly stands out for its value and effectiveness. Unlike the fleeting effects of brow gels and pencils, brow lamination provides a semi-permanent solution, creating the appearance of fuller, perfectly shaped eyebrows that last for weeks. This treatment not only gives a superior aesthetic compared to traditional brow products but also the convenience of at-home application. The availability of products, such as brow lamination kit for home use, will allow you to attain salon-quality results without exceeding your budget. Overall, investing in quality beauty treatments like brow lamination can greatly enhance your appearance and confidence, proving to be a worthwhile expenditure in the long run.


The holy grail of tighter and younger-looking skin: facials. From hydra facials to cryotherapy and massage, rarely has a woman regretted going for a facial at her local beauty salon. 

Cupping Therapy to Treat Cellulite

Cellulite cupping therapy has become a popular and effective means of reducing cellulite, which has a number of advantages that make it a worthy investment. This specialised method involves the use of silicone or glass cups to create a suction effect on the skin, treating the areas affected by cellulite. The therapy is aimed at stimulating blood flow, lymphatic drainage and collagen production, which ultimately reduces the appearance of dimples on the skin. Regular sessions of cupping massage can lead to an increase in skin elasticity, smoothing of the texture and a noticeable reduction of cellulite over time. Moreover, this non-invasive procedure is generally safe and well tolerated by most people. 

While cupping offers a natural approach with noticeable results, exploring other effective cellulite treatments can further enhance your skincare routine. Learn more about the Best Cellulite Creams that can complement this therapy for smoother and tighter skin.

Anti-Frizz Treatments

Sick of de-frizzing your hair before you leave your house and then watching it puff right back up after you close your front door? Introducing: anti-frizz treatments. These anti-frizz hair products are made from natural ingredients that nourish your hair, gently altering the texture. The result? Hundreds of different hairstyles and cuts that you didn’t think possible with your previously untameable curls!

Struggling to decide which beauty treatments are worth the bang for your buck? Look no further than this list.

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