Christmas Gift Guide for Tots To Teens

This gift guide is jam packed with awesome toys, games and activities that children of all ages will absolutely love to open this Christmas. There are plenty of items under £10 if you have a more limited budget going up to bigger money items so however much you have to spend this should provide some inspiration.  

*This guide contains gifted items I specially requested for the guide and some affiliate links*

I have broken this guide down into age groups for anyone in a hurry, but there are lots of brilliant toys that will be loved across the ages so check out the whole guide if you have time. For each item you can find out where to buy it as well as why I think it makes a good present. 

As always if you are giving toys for Christmas or opening presents with children it is worth having batteries and a screwdriver on hand. Some of the electronic games below have batteries included, but others will need AA or AAA batteries so make sure you have plenty.

Christmas Gift Guide 2023: Toys for Tots To Teens

Toys, Games And Activity Gifts For Children Of All Ages: From Tots To Teens

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Remember if you are buying online to shop around for the best deals and see if you can get cashback too. Whether you are buying in store or online you can also save money at stores like Argos, Amazon and Tesco by prebuying vouchers with JamDoughnut (read my post about how JamDoughnut works here).

Great Gifts For Toddlers and Preschoolers

Bath Barista Bath Toy

Age 18m+ TOMY Toomies
Available from Smyths, Amazon, Argos, Very, The Range, John Lewis, Ocado and Independent Toy Shops

Why it makes a great present for toddlers:

Some times children can be a little reluctant to get in the bath, but bath toys are a great way to encourage them and distract them enough to be washed. With this TOMY toy bath time will be full of role play as children happily make you cup after cup of coffee. This is great for imaginative play, communication and fine motor skills. 

The coffee machine attaches to the edge of the bath or a tiled wall using the suction cups on the back. There are 3 cups which you stack on one side of the machine, but when you want to make the coffee place it on the shelf and pour water through the water wheel using the jug. Fancy some froth? You can pour water and bubble bath into the frother and pump to create foam. Remember to add sprinkles too. 

A plastic pretend coffee machine for children to use in the bath
TOMY Toomies Bath Barista bath toy

Kidoki Catch a Bug Wooden Fishing Game

Age 3+ Kikkerland
Available from Kikkerland and Independent Toy Shops 

Why it makes a great present for preschoolers:

This is a lovely game for encouraging focus and hand to eye coordination. It can be played as a 2 player game or children can play on their own. In the box you get 2 wooden frogs with a magnet on the end of their tongue (a piece of red string) and you have to catch the 11 bugs and plant pieces picking them up with the magnet. 

I love that the pieces are wooden, the packaging is recyclable and you turn the instructions over to get a pond background to place the pieces on to play the game. You can also store everything away easily back in the box when you aren’t playing with it.  For younger children you could put a bow in the tongue to make it easier while they get the hang of it. It also encourages maths skills as they can guess who has won and then count up the pieces to see if they were right. 

A wooden frog with a magnet on it's tongue attached to a bug in a pond, next to the box for Kidoki Catch a Bug Wooden Fishing Game
A wooden magnetic fishing game from Kikkerland

Bath Paint Sticks

Age 3+ Little Brian
Available from Amazon

Why they make a great present for preschoolers:

Mark making is an essential part of preschool development. It’s not about letter formation or drawing to look like a specific object, it’s more basic than that. Children need to get used to holding writing tools, moving their wrists and applying the right pressure. Painting is a great way to do this and if you like to avoid mess I recommend checking out Little Brian Paint Sticks. 

Paint Sticks look like a glue stick, but have paint inside. You paint directly on to paper or surfaces without the need for water, twisting up to get more. They are definitely a less messy approach, but if it’s still too much for you, then their paint sticks for the bath could be a good gift. They are designed to allow painting on the bath, tiles or glass and to easily wipe clean (they can be harder to get off grouting though). Children will love decorating the tub while they have a soak and you’ll love how easy it is to clean up.

A 6 pack of Little Brian paint sticks for the bath
Little Brian Paint Sticks that can be used for bath time fun

Boppi Marble Ball Run 

Age 3+ boppi
Available from Amazon and Independent Toy Retailers

Why it makes a great present for preschoolers:

Marble runs are a classic toy which work for a wide age range. Initially you might be building them for your child, but over time they learn how to connect them and start to understand the physics and even structural engineering required to make a great design.  I would always recommend a wooden toy over plastic where they are just as good, but the wooden ball runs I have seen in the past have been difficult to use. The boppi Bamboo Marble Run is really well designed. The pieces connect together so the finished structure is pretty stable meaning preschoolers will be able to race marbles down without knocking it down. I think it is a little bit harder to assemble than some marble runs, but the pay off is in the stability.

The boppi Marble Run comes in different size packs and has optional extras like the cool musical set which adds metal pieces, like bits of a xylophone to the design and the marble will play notes as it hits them on the journey down. 

This Marble Run is also an eco conscious choice: the rail tracks are wood, the cylinders and spiral are made from bamboo fibres and the connectors are made from 100% recycled plastic.

A small marble run design with boppi marble run set and boxes
boppi Bamboo Marble Run Advanced Pack, Musical Accessory Pack and Seesaw Accessory Pack

Feelings Family™️ Hand Puppets

Age 18m+ Learning Resources 
Available from Learning Resources

Why they are a great gift for toddlers and preschoolers:

Like many children, when my eldest was a preschooler she would get very angry and upset. It took me a while to realise that she didn’t know what those emotions she was feeling were or why she was feeling them which made her feel even worse. Helping her name the emotions, explaining what she was feeling and things she could do about it really helped her manage her emotions much better. This is why I love the Feelings Family™️ Hand Puppets from Learning Resources. They are a great way to help explain and explore different emotions. They can also help children to talk about how they are feeling in an indirect way using the puppets to explain what’s happened. 

There are 5 puppets in different colours with expressions showing: happy, sad, surprised, angry and scared. They are designed to fit children's hands and most adults. The puppets can be used in many ways and you can have lots of fun with them, but they are also great for helping children to understand moods and feelings.

Learning Resources Feelings Family™️ Hand Puppets stock image
Learning Resources Feelings Family™️ Hand Puppets

Great Gifts for Kids (age 5 to 8)

Cry Babies Magic Tears Stars: Jumpy Monsters 

Age 3+ IMC Toys
Available from Argos, Tesco and Smyths 

Why they make a great gift for children:

The Stars Jumpy Monsters range from Cry Babies Magic Tears has 6 different characters to collect. You can choose your favourite from Bubu, Fuzz, Jojo, Momo, Nunu and Zippy or collect them all.  Unlike the original Cry Babies you can see which one you are getting so no need to worry about duplicates.

Each character comes with a cute little monster outfit, a vehicle, dummy and bottle. Feed them with the bottle to see them cry colourful slime tears which can be collected on a pouch at the back of their vehicle.  They make a fun addition to the Cry Babies range and fans will love adding to their collection. 

A Cry Babies Magic Tears Stars: Jumpy Monsters doll featuring Momo in the packaging surrounded by fairy lights
Cry Babies Magic Tears Stars: Jumpy Monsters doll featuring Momo

BFF by Cry Babies Talents 

Age 3+ IMC Toys
Available from Argos, Tesco, Very and Smyths

Why they make a great gift for children:

The BFF series of Cry Babies dolls are the Cry Babies Magic Tears characters who have grown up and become teens. There are 6 to collect in this series. Each doll is 20cm tall, which is about twice the height of the Cry Babies Magic Tears dolls. Each doll has a different talent which influences their clothing and accessories. They also have long hair and an articulated body. Unlike Seasons 1 and 2, the Season 3 packaging allows you to see your doll before you open her with just the accessories to be revealed. She comes wearing clothes, shoes and hair accessories. 

A BFF Talents doll with pink hair in packaging from the grown up cry babies range
Coney from the BFF Talents Series by Cry Babies

Baby Paws

Age 18m+ IMC Toys
Available from Smyths and Argos

Why Baby Paws makes a great gift for children:

Baby Paws are really cute, super soft puppies that children will love interacting with. There is a choice of different dogs (Cocker, Husky and Dalmatian), but all of them come with a blanket which can be folded up into a shoulder bag you can carry your pup around with. Put the dummy in and the pup will make a yawning sound before closing its eyes and making sleep sounds. Take the dummy out and pup wakes up and yaps hello. They are great for encouraging role play and nurturing skills. 

Baby Paws uses 2 AAA batteries which are included. There is an accompanying app (available on Google Play and the Apple App Store) which turns the device into equipment to look after the pup like a stethoscope, but it’s absolutely not required for either set up or play if you don’t want to use it. 

The Baby Paws Dalmatian interactive puppy toy in it's box with dummy and blanket
This interactive puppy can be carried around in it's bag

Cutie Climbers

Age 3 + IMC Toys
Available from Smyths and Tesco

Why they make a great present for children:

Cutie Climbers are sweet little animals that climb. They are available in 2 different size packs and the smaller "Tree Pack" (featured in image) is a great stocking filler size. There are 12 different animals to collect in this series and 3 different family packs (which have a house, climber and baby). 

You make the animal climb by pulling on the string and they will move up to their food. You can also attach the strings from other packs together to make a necklace, key ring etc. 

A cutie climbers tree pack in packaging surrounded by Christmas decorations
Help the little Cutie Climbers climb to their food

Voxblock Starter Pack - Screen Free Audio Player and Audiobooks

All ages Voxblock
Available here 

Why it makes a great present for children: 

Everyone knows the benefits of reading with children, but as parents we don’t always have the time to read to our children so it's no surprise audio players have become really popular in recent years. There are a few on the market, but I really like Voxblock and I think the Starter Packs are brilliant value. In the Starter Pack you get: the audio player, a protective bumper (in your choice of orange, green or red), a charging cable (USB C cable, no plug adaptor) and 3 audiobooks. There are 4 different book bundles you can choose from with the starter packs. I chose the Bedtime Stories pack, but it was a hard choice as Family Favourites has classics: Pinocchio, Peter Pan and Alice Wonderland and Young Listeners has Paddington, Pippi Longstocking and Little Wolfs Book of Badness. The Older Listeners set has longer books which are great for age 8 plus.

I love that this audio player has no screen, it is really easy to use and the audiobooks all look like miniature story books (they are solid and don’t open though). The books look really cute on a shelf, but as they don't look like toys they are less likely to get played with and go missing. They are also large enough they won’t get lost falling down the side of beds.  The books are held on to the audio player with a magnet and you can move the player around without worrying that it will come off. If it does get pulled off though the narration will restart in the same place when you put the book back on. You can easily go back or forwards a chapter at the touch of a button if you want to and there is a sleep mode you can enable which turns the player off after 20 minutes. The speaker has a good range of volumes and it can be used with headphones if you are in the car or don’t want to disturb others.

A Voxblock Starter Pack makes a lovely Christmas present which is great for improving children's literacy skills, imagination and it can help children to relax.

A voxblock audioplayer with The Enchanted Wood audio book ready to play  next to 2 more audio books for young children
The Bedtime Stories Voxblock audioplayer Starter Pack with 3 audio books.

Connetix 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack

Age 3+ Connetix
Available here

Why it makes a great present for children:

The open ended possibilities with magnetic toys mean they are played with over and over again. Magnetic tiles are very popular with my children and while there are several brands on the market Connetix are well made, durable and contain strong enough magnets that builds stay together well. It is still inevitable that builds will fall down at times, but that is part of learning how to build well supported structures. 

There are lots of different size tile packs and several colour options available from Connetix, but the 120 piece pastel set is beautiful and contains enough tiles for a big creation, or a few smaller structures if siblings are playing independently.  

Connetix tiles are great because although you can follow instructions to create something, no one needs telling what to do with the tiles and as soon as you give them to children they will start experimenting how they connect together, the power of magnets and how different shapes go together. They will be learning huge amounts without realising. The pastel set contains 7 different shape tiles in 8 beautiful pastel shades.

A castle built with magnetic tiles next to the cardboard box for Connetix 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack
Connetix Pastel Magnetic Tiles Creative Pack

Round World Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Age 5 to 8 boppi
Available from Amazon

Why it makes a great present for children:

I love jigsaws and as my children get older they are increasingly enjoying the pleasures of the quiet time together or on their own sorting through pieces and gradually bringing a picture to life. Jigsaw puzzles encourage focus and attention to detail.  

This jigsaw is one of a number of round jigsaws from bobbi. I love the world map design because it helps build an understanding of different countries around the world. It's not just about putting the jigsaw together, the finished jigsaw has lots of things to talk about.  

The jigsaw has 150 pieces made from recycled cardboard and they are a good size for the target age. It's not complicated to put together, but due to the number of pieces it will take a little while. In the box there is a picture of what the design looks like to help them put it together.  

A round jigsaw made with recycled carbaord in a blue round box with world map written on it
boppi World Map jigsaw puzzle

KLiXX Spider

Age 4+ Brainstorm Toys
Available from Wicked Uncle

Why it makes a great present for children:

The KLiXX Creaturez range has: spiders, scorpions and cobras with 2 colours combinations for each style, but the spiders are my favourite. Their legs are bendable and can move one click at a time making them perfect for stop animation, but the appeal goes beyond that. They are really satisfying to play with and move around so work well as a fidget toy too. If they like fidget toys check out this gift guide for more ideas.

There is a free Zing Studio app which can be downloaded on Apple or Android to help create stop animation movies, with built in music and sound effects. This is the same company behind Stikbot and Klikbot so they have a lot of experience supporting children in developing stop motion animations.

KLiXX Spider stock image
KLiXX Spider

Space Rover Deluxe Coding Activity Set

Age 4+ Learning Resources
Available from Amazon

Why this makes a great gift for children:

Coding is such a useful skill to know and introducing the basics to children in a fun way is a good way to get them learning how to code. But for me coding is more than that. It’s about breaking down an end result into steps and working out how to get from a to b. This encourages problem solving and logical thinking which are essential life skills. 

This great STEM toy introduces children to coding in a screen free and playful way. Children build a maze, plot the coding path with cards and then send the space rover out to grab magnetic space rocks and bring them back to base. Children will love building different adventures for the astronaut to go on. There are more ideas for STEM toys for Christmas gifts in this post.

Space Rover Deluxe Coding Activity Set stock image
Space Rover Deluxe Coding Activity Set

Great Gifts for Tweens (age 9 to 12)

Super Mario™️ Mushroom Mega Plush

Age 3+ Club Mocchi-Mocchi TOMY
Available from Amazon, Costco, Smyths, Game and Independent Toy Stores

Why it’s a great present for tweens:

This super cute plush will be loved by Tweens whether they are Super Mario fans or not. It is really soft and squishy so you can use it to cuddle or even as a pillow. The gaming theming ensures it won’t be considered too babyish meaning it will appeal to older age groups too. It works great as a decoration and as a cuddly toy.  

Officially licensed by Nintendo this mega Mario plush is 40cm across. 

A large mushroom cuddly plush from Nintendo Super Mario
Super cuddly, Super Mario plush from Club Mocchi-Mocchi

Chicken vs Hotdog

Age 8+ Big Potato Games
Available here and other retailers

Why this makes a great present for tweens:

This game will instantly grab your teens interest when they see the rubber chicken and hotdog peeking out of the box. Chicken Vs Hotdog is a party game where 2 or more players form teams and have to compete to complete challenges. One team is a blue rubber chicken, the other a hot dog. 

To play a challenge card is turned over, both teams bid for it and who ever bids the highest attempts the challenge. If both teams make the same bid you have to flip your chicken or hotdog to take on the challenge (or make the other team do it). If they complete the challenge that team gets a character card, if they fail the other team does. Complete 6 challenges and collect all your character cards to win. 

Chicken Vs Hotdog is a hilarious game that will bring out their competitive side.

A red box with Chicken Vs Hotdog written on it and a blue rubber chicken and red hotdog visible
Flip a rubber Chicken or Hotdog in the Chicken Vs Hotdog action party game

Aardman Obey The Clay

Age 8+ Big Potato Games
Available here and other retailers

Why it makes a great present for tweens:

This party game is the creation of the makers of Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run. It's a silly game where teams compete against each other and the clock to model clay and complete challenges. It's for a minimum of 2 players, but I think it works best with 5 or more so you can complete the team challenges and have an independent clay master to judge the creations/ performances. 

Challenges include:
"Make a tiny pair of slippers to fit on a teammate's finger tips"
"Make some scissors. Pretend to cut someone's hair and say, "Going anywhere nice for the weekend?""
"Make an elephant's trunk. Stick it to something that has 4 legs, then shout "mammoth!""
"Make 5 maggots and then give them all names beginning with M"

Aardman Obey The Clay Game from Big Potato Games
The very silly clay modelling game from the creators of Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run

Block Party 

Age 8+ Big Potato Games
Available here and other retailers

Why this makes a great present for tweens:

In this game there are lots of little coloured wooden blocks and you have to use them to make objects on a list. There are 2 ways to play the game; a 2 player version and another for 3 to 6 players. In the main version players take turns to be a guesser and the other players build an object from their list. When the time is up the guesser attempts to guess what each player built. If they guess correctly both guesser and builder get a point, if they get it wrong another player can have a guess. If no one gets it right no points are awarded. Each round there is a bonus point for the builder of whichever of the correctly guessed builds best achieved the challenge card.  The player with the most points wins.

The game is for 2 to 6 players so it's great for families. 

Block Party from Big Potato games showing example list, builds and challenge card
Compete to use small wooden blocks to create objects

Badminton Racket Set

Available from Badminton HQ

Why this makes a great present for tweens:

Badminton is a great game that is easy to pick up. It encourages children to get moving, hand to eye coordination and quick thinking. Unlike tennis if you hit the ball (or rather the shuttlecock) gently it gives the other player time to react, get in place and return it. This helps teach players to play without having to repeatedly be running after balls which can be exhausting. 

It doesn’t matter whether your garden is big enough for a game, it is really easy to take this kit to a park or even the beach. In fact anywhere there is space is a great place to play.

In this Yonex kit you get 2 steel-framed badminton rackets and 2 plastic shuttlecocks in a carry case making it a great introductory set, but you can also get brilliant beginner 4 racket sets which include a net and posts.

2 badminton rackets in yellow and orange next to shuttlecocks
Yonex 2 racket beginner badminton set

Tie Dye Slime Kit 

Age 6+ Weird Science
Available from The Works

Why it makes a great present for tweens:

Love it or hate it slime holds a huge appeal for children. It's messy and oozy, and the sensory element can help children to regulate and relax. In this simple to use tie dye slime kit the slime is ready made (you get 3 small bags of clear slime), but you can add in scented colour and glitter.

Tie Dye Slime Kit from the Works 3 for £15 deal
A ready made slime set where Tweens can add coloured scent and glitter

Brainbolt Genius

Age 7+ Learning Resources
Available from Learning Resources

Why it makes a great gift for tweens:

In a world where there are complicated console games and high tech graphic design it might be surprising that simple electronic games like Brainbolt are a hit with children, but this easy to learn game appeals in it's simplicity. The competitive drive to beat their best score and do better each time keeps them focused. This fun hand-held electronic game improves memory and cognitive skills while developing hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. 

Lights flash at random and you have to try and repeat the sequence. Each time the sequence gets longer and more complicated. There are several game modes including a head to head multiplayer game. It’s a great toy for home or to take on journeys and handily there is an option to turn the volume off to avoid disturbing others. 

Brainbolt Genius stock image from Learning Resources
A simple electronic game tweens will love

Great Gifts for Teens

A Skateboard

Featured design by Fracture Skateboards
Available from

Why it makes a great gift for teens:

A skateboard makes a pretty cool present whether the teen already knows how to skateboard or they have yet to give it a try. Apart from the obvious encouragement it gives teens to get off a screen and get moving their body, skateboarding helps improve coordination and strengthens muscles as the whole body is used to move and balance. There is also the added appeal to teens that it provides an adrenaline rush and satisfaction as they achieve new tricks. It can also be a really social activity if they head to a skatepark helping to give them a sense of community.  

There are plenty of skateboard designs to choose from

Ant & Dec’s Limitlesss Win (The Card Game)

Age 8+ Ginger Fox Games
Available from Ginger Fox, Boots and more

Why it makes a great gift for teens:

This card game encourages people to work together to see how far up the money ladder they can climb, although you can play it on your own and challenge yourself if your prefer.  The answer to each question is a number. Ideally you want the exact answer, but a lower number is ok as long as you have enough lives left. You can scan a QR code to access a digital life and bank tracker to help you keep score, but you could also use paper if you prefer. The answers at the bottom of each card are for the question on the reverse of the card so don’t get confused. This is a fun compact game which could be a great stocking filler. 

Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win The Card Game with example questions
A compact card game where you have to guess the closest answer


Age 3+  Jazwares
Available from Smyths and other retailers

Why they make a great present for teens:

Squishmallows are roughly egg shaped cuddly toys that are super soft and squishy making them adorable and popular with all ages. They come in a range of different sizes from supersized 50cm down to the teeny 5cm with several sizes in between including a keychain version and Flip-a-Mallow which can switch between 2 designs. 

Squishmallows are popular with teens because they are great to hug and come in lots of different designs including: Disney, Harry Potter and Star Wars. The question is, can you get a way with giving them just one?

A collection of squishmallows including a duck and a reversible dinosaur flip a mallow
Cute and squishy these are the perfect present for Teens

You Can’t Say “Umm…”

Age 10+ Big Potato Games
Available here and other retailers 

Why this is a great game for teens:

This party game for 4 to 10 players will get teens talking. They will have to dig deep into their vocabulary to describe an unlikely combination of words without saying "umm", "ahhh" or any other similar 'verbal brain fart' sound. They get 45 seconds to describe as many pairs of words to their team as they can. The other team listen carefully ready to catch them saying umm or err etc, dinging a bell if they catch them. Every time they catch a slip up they get a point. 

This game is great for developing quick thinking and verbal skills.

You Can't Say "Umm".. game from Big Potato Games with the contents next to the box
This game requires quick thinking and good verbal skills

Sounds Fishy

Age 10+ Big Potato Games
Available here and from other retailers

Why this makes a great present for teens:

Teens can be pretty good at being elusive with the truth so they will love practicing their creative story telling with the Sounds Fishy game. This party game requires 4 or more players (up to 10). Each round one player is the guesser, they draw a card and read the question on it out loud. The rest of the players provide an answer to the question in turn, one of them is telling the truth (they have a True Blue Kipper card), the rest are lying (and have Red Herring cards). The guesser needs to call out as many of the fake answers as they can before picking the right answer by turning over the fish cards. They get a point for each red herring they catch before they make a mistake or flip the True Blue Kipper.

Sounds Fishy game with game pieces next to the box
Find out who is best at telling lies and spotting them with the Sounds Fishy game

Herd Mentality

Age 10+ Big Potato Games
Available here and other retailers

Why it makes a great gift for teens:

Besides a box you are going to want to stroke (the black bits are furry) and a pink pig you will want to squeeze, Herd Mentality is a fun game for 4 or more players. A question is read out and everyone has to secretly write down an answer, but you are aiming to try to get the same answer as others. Those that answer with the herd get a point (a cow token). If one player is the only one not to get the same answers as the other they get the squeezy pink cow and they have to keep it until someone else is the odd one out. You can't win the game while you are holding the pink cow, but to be honest I think it's a good consolation prize.  By the way, if any player is taking too long to write an answer down the other players are encouraged to moo at them to get them to hurry up. 

Herd Mentality is a fun game for encouraging teens to predict what others are thinking.

Win cows in the Herd Mentality game
Try not to stand out from the herd with the Herd Mentality game

Fluffie Stuffiez

Age 4+ MGA
Available from Smyths, The Entertainer, Argos, Amazon and other retailers

Why it makes a great gift for teens:

Fluffie Stuffiez are much more than collectable cuddly toys. You can pull the outer layer of fluff off in an ASMR treat to reveal the hidden pattern underneath. There is also the option to pull off just parts of the outer layer to create your own design, but the underneath layer is much softer so I would personally pull it all off. You can collect the fluff in a storage bag to create another toy to play with. 

Fluffie Stuffiez are available in two sizes and several shapes including Rainbow, Unicorn, Ice-Cream and Axolotl.

A pink and blue rainbow Fluffie Stuffiez plush toy
What design is this large Fluffie Stuffiez rainbow hiding?

Make & Create Origami Stars

Make & Create
Available from The Works

Why it makes a great gift for teens:

While the box says this is designed for adult crafting only, I'm guessing that is because it contains a needle and requires scissors. Teens should be able to follow the instructions easily enough without help. The box contains 8 sheets of pattern paper and instructions to guide them through making origami stars. These will make great Christmas decorations or designs to decorate a teen bedroom.

A box saying make&create Origami Stars
This kit will get teens started making origami stars

Make & Create Macramé Pot Holder

Make & Create 
Available from The Works

Why it makes a great gift for teens:

This is another craft box recommended for adults only, but there is no obvious reason why teens wouldn't be able to manage this. This set contains a simple kit to get started with Macramé and create a small pot holder. You get cord, a hanging hoop and 4 wooden beads as well as the instructions. 

Macramé pot set from The Works
Get started learning Macramé with this kit

This toy Christmas gift guide provides a selection of toys that are sure to bring joy and excitement to children of all ages. From new takes on classic favourites to innovative new releases, these toys cover a wide range of interests and play styles. The information should help you decide the suitability and educational value of each toy so you can make an informed decisions about which gifts will truly engage a child's imagination while also providing hours of fun. Whether it's a cuddly stuffed animal or an interactive STEM set, there is something for every child on this list. 


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  31. Space Rover Deluxe Coding Activity Set

  32. Wow! That's quite a list. Thank you. They're all great options but I particularly like the Boppi Marble Run, the Crybabies and the Crybabies BFF.

  33. Margaret Clarkson
    I really like the Connetix 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack

  34. I would love the round World map jigsaw for my 6 year old great grandson. He has requested a globe of the world for a present. As he loves jigsaws this would make a nice addition to his reqest

  35. I love the Round the World jigsaw puzzle for my 6 year old great grandson

  36. Must try the Brainbolt Genius with our Grandson!

  37. Some good ideas there

  38. my little one loves her baths so this would be ideal for her, Bath Barista Bath Toy

  39. The Baby Paws is so cute and a great friend to play with

  40. The Round World Map Jigsaw Puzzle is great, my niece loves puzzles so this would be great

  41. My teen is obsessed with squishmallows, I have to admit though they are taking over her room a bit lol

  42. Thanks for the ideas. I’ve been struggling for my 7 year old but I think she would like some more squishmallows (so would I!) and coding stuff looks interesting.

  43. My granddaughters love Cry Babies

  44. Sally Collingwood20 November 2023 at 11:05

    Round World Map Jigsaw Puzzle looks fabulous

  45. My granddaughter would love the bath toy

  46. I love the magnetic fishing game! I had one when I was tiny, it was one of my favourite toys.

  47. The Round World Map Jigsaw Puzzle is fab! Fun and learning at the same time!

  48. The barista bath toy one looks good fun - would be a great gift ♥

  49. I love the magnetic tiles.

  50. A Skateboard (David Williams)

  51. The space rover xx

  52. Chicken vs hotdog looks fun

  53. Badminton Racket Set grandson loves anything to do with sport

  54. Some great toys here I do like the Brainbolt Genius my daughter would enjoy it

  55. I love the Feelings Family Hand Puppets.

  56. A fab list! The KLiXX Spider, the CryBabies BFF and the Fluffie Stufiez all look great.

  57. Thank you for covering such a wide range of ages with your gift ideas! Think the Fluffie Stufiez are my favourite.

  58. Oh my goodness my daughter loves her bathtime she would love this Bath Barista Bath Toy

  59. Super Mario™️ Mushroom Mega Plush is so cute. Is it sad that I am 44 and would actually like it for myself? lol

  60. I like the Boppi Marble Ball Run and the Sounds Fishy game.

  61. We love the tie die slim kit! My niece loves slime and we make it together alot!

  62. Brainbolt genius looks like an amazing toy to keep any child occupied and a great alternative to other forms of screens which have less benefits.

  63. I love the barista bath toy


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