2023 Christmas Gift Guides Round Up and Giveaway

This post is for anyone who hasn't finished their Christmas shopping yet. I find gift guides a great way to get inspiration for present ideas so as well as sharing my own carefully curated gift guides I wanted to share guides by other people too. At the end of this post I have a giveaway so one of you can win a contribution towards your Christmas shopping. I hope this helps.

The gift guides featured may contain gifted items, paid placement and affiliate links, but they should all be great for giving you ideas for presents to buy.

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Find all the Christmas gift inspiration you need here

A Guide To Christmas Gifts

How Many Christmas Presents Should You Buy?

The cost of living seems ever to be on the increase and winter is a particularly expensive time of year with energy costs, parties and all those food treats so sometimes it just feels like presents on top is too much. This may sound odd in a post full of gift guides, but it really is the thought that counts. No one wants you to go into debt or go hungry just to give them a present. Gifts don't have to be expensive and children don't need mountains of presents to open. 

6 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Christmas Presents

Children Only

If you have a large family with lots of children the cost of presents can quickly add up so it is a good idea to speak to the other adults in the family (as early as possible) and agree that presents will only be given to the younger generation. 

Secret Santa

If the idea of not getting any presents is a bit too much for you than another idea is for each adult to receive one gift. The easiest way to decide who will buy for whom is to pick names out of a hat, whether you choose to keep it truly secret or not. Buying for one person means you can spend your gift budget on one present and get something more special than if you are having to buy for lots.

Maximum Budget Per Person

Another way to help control the spiralling costs is to agree with other family members the maximum amount that should be spent per person. Ideally you want this to be a low amount that everyone will be able to afford. It can make present buying more tricky, but means everyone needs to get creative. And no I don't mean you have to get crafting. Search charity shops, jumble sales and bargain bins to see if you can get something nearly new at a brilliant price.

The 4, 5 or 6 Gift Rule

I'm not sure where this idea started, or at what number it started, but one idea to limit present buying for children or loved ones is to give them: something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. This rule of 4 seems to evolved into a 5 gift rule which includes something to experience and I have also seen a 6 gift rule where the extra 2 items are something to share and something to do. It's easy to see how the number of gifts for children quickly creeps up isn't it?

Intentional Shopping

However many gifts you feel you need to buy, intentional shopping is key. Do your research, browse the gift guides and make sure you know what you want to buy in advance. Don't allow yourself to be distracted and keep adding to your basket. Of course you can change your mind if you see something they will absolutely love, but make it something you give them instead, not as well. The more people get the less appreciation they have for each present so it really is worth giving less, but giving well. 

Vouchers and Cashback

Whether you are shopping in store or online, see if you can find the best possible price for what you want (again research is key) and where possible use cashback. Sorry, but I'm going to again mention JamDoughnut who I worked with earlier this year because they really are a brilliant way to get bonus money; you buy gift vouchers and get instant cashback on loads of shops. I have bought so many things with vouchers over the last few months and got loads in cashback, read my blog post to understand how it works.

Christmas Gift Guide Round Up

In case you have missed my guides,  this year I have pulled together a list of practical gifts for adults and children as well as a round up of great toys and games for children from toddler to teen. Assuming you have already checked out my guides and need a few more ideas, then below are plenty more.

Gift Guides For Children

Gift Guide for Adults

Gift Guides for all Ages

Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway 

I hope you have had a chance to check out some of these guides and you have found some great gifts. Now you have the chance to win a £30 Amazon Gift Voucher (prize is not affiliated with Amazon). Use the Rafflecopter widget to enter. 
UK only, over 18s and only one email account entry per person please. Giveaway closes Friday 15th December at 11.59pm. All other T&Cs in the widget.

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