Review: Skye's Deluxe Mighty Movie Jet from PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie

(Gifted) It’s been listed as one of the top toys for this Christmas, but what is PAW Patrol's Skye’s Mighty Movie deluxe jet like? My son has been asking for the deluxe Jet every time he has seen an advert, but I wasn't overly impressed. I have since changed my mind. Find out what we think of it now we have received one to review and throughly tested it out. 

A happy looking child holding a Paw Patrol Skye deluxe jet plane in the box having been given it to review
PAW Patrol The Mighty Movie Skye Mighty Movie Jet Review

PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie Toys From Spin Master

We went to see the latest film, PAW Patrol The Mighty Movie, as soon as it came out thanks to my youngest being a huge PAW Patrol fan. We all enjoyed the film, even as adults because there is humour in it targeting grown ups in the audience. At one point it even references that the pups having new vehicles will mean new merchandise going on sale. 

The film sees Liberty (who appeared in the first film) trying to work out her place in the team, but the big story line in the film is about Skye. You find out Skye’s back story before she was found by Ryder and it shows she has fears that she is too small to be useful. In the end though it’s Skye’s bravery that saves the day as she jets off into the sky and destroys the meteors that are heading towards Adventure City.

The range of toys that accompany the film release are great. They all have sections that light up and they make noises too. The accompanying pups (which come included with each vehicle) have translucent bodies and are styled in Mighty Pup uniforms. When placed into the vehicle the lights shine through their bodies making it look like the pups are lit up.   Each pup has their own vehicle, but as well as the standard size jet you can also buy a larger special deluxe jet to recognise Skye’s hero part in the film.

A boy holding the deluxe Skye Jet from The PAW Patrol Mighty Movie
Skye is off to save Adventure City

Side view of the mighty movie jet being held by a child with balls of screwed up paper in the air above it
Watch out for the meteors Skye!

Skye jet crashing through pretend asteroids
Skye saves the day

Skye’s Deluxe PAW Patrol The Mighty Movie Jet™️ Review

The larger Skye Mighty Movie Jet™️ is about 38cm long by 36cm wide (wingspan) so a similar overall size to the mid size PAW patrol vehicles, but smaller than Al’s Big Truck and the PAW Patroller. 

The worry for me was that unlike all the other PAW Patrol vehicles we have, the jet doesn’t sit flat on the floor and is specifically designed to be flown around. This is because underneath the jet there is a handle with a trigger attached. Pressing the trigger makes the wings rotate, the jet to light up and it makes sounds (when switched on).

My concern was the jet wouldn't get played with as much because it works best in the air, but this worry has proven unfounded. The trigger handle makes it much easier to hold than other larger vehicles and my son loves to fly it around. Encouraging flight is actually a really good thing as brings a new element to the games he plays. It hasn’t stopped him playing with it on the floor either. 

A boy holding Skye's mighty movie jet and looking off camera
The Mighty Movie jet can be held one handed using the trigger handle

Skye's deluxe jet landing on a blue rug
Splash! Crash landing into the sea

So What Does Skye’s Deluxe Toy Jet Actually Do?

  • The wings of the jet rotate round 180 degrees when the trigger is pulled, giving the impression that Skye is zooming through the air avoiding those meteors. 
  • The “thruster petals” (the grey flaps at the back around the purple bit) also open when the trigger is pulled if they were closed. You can close them again by pushing in the purple thruster.
  • The jet makes lights and sounds when turned on (there is a switch underneath the cockpit). It requires 3 AAA batteries, but these are included so it can be played with straight out of the box. 
  • The switch has 3 settings. In either of the on settings the jet will make noises, but in position I there are also English phrases so Skye says “Power Paws” and “I’m getting dizzy”, you also get some of the PAW Patrol theme tune. 
  • There are lights inside the cockpit and in the thruster, these light up when sounds are made.
  • There are 3 different ways to make the jet play sounds: 
    • The most obvious is by pulling the trigger.
    • You can also push down on Skye (or the clip) when she is in the seat.
    • There is also a motion sensor in the jet so if you make it fly up and down it sounds like it is flying around. 
  • When left still the jet goes into power saving mode. It can be re-activated by pushing down on the trigger, pushing down on the clip or by turning off and on again.
  • You can fire projectiles from the front of each wing by pressing the purple paw print shield button on the wing. There are only 2 projectiles included and they are different to other PAW Patrol projectiles we have from other vehicles so try not to lose them.
  • Skye easily clips into the pilot's seat so she can save the day without falling out. My son can get her in and out in his own.

The Mighty Jet in front of a child's face ready to fire a projectile
Ready, aim and fire (a projectile can be fired from each wing)

A child reinserting the projectile into the mighty jet. The wings happen to be upside down in the photo
Replacing the projectile ready to fire again

The Mighty Movie Skye jet flying sideways
The jet is easy for young children to fly around

I was worried about whether my son would hit himself, siblings or furniture while making the wings rotate, but they don’t spin with a lot of force and they stop if they touch anything. The part of the wings that stick out furthest are made from a soft silicone like material which will stop it hitting anything hard. 

We also have the standard size jet from PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie as it was the first toy my son wanted to buy when the new range came out. The deluxe jet is twice the length of the smaller vehicle and it does a lot more although the smaller jet still lights up and makes some sounds. Both jets come with the same design of Mighty Pup Skye. 

Mighty Movie Jet on the floor surrounded by paper asteroids
The jet is well design and durable

Skye in the cockpit of the Mighty Movie Jet
Skye clips easily into the cockpit and stays in place as she is flown around

A boy looking at the PAW patrol jet as it lights up
The jet makes sounds and lights up when you press the trigger handle

Whoosh and Skye is off to save the day
There is also a motion sensor which makes flying noises if you move the plane around

Our Verdict On The PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie Deluxe Mighty Movie Jet

This is a great looking toy which will appeal to PAW Patrol fans whether they have seen the film or not. It does more than I initially realised and I am totally won over by it.  I particularly like the flying noises activated by the motion sensors. I also think it is really well made with good attention to detail. It has proper hinges on the thruster petals for instance rather than how doors etc are attached on lots of toys we have (that easily come apart). It is a durable toy that shows no signs of damage despite a few crash landings. It’s easy to hold for my four year old with either one or both hands and he doesn’t find it heavy, but a three year old might struggle more. It no longer bothers me that it can’t sit flat on the ground as it encourages my son to play with it in a different way to other toys we have so I think it's a good feature.

My 4 year old son said: “I like it because it shoots and I like it because it turns and I like it because the back bit comes out and it lights up”.

Skye’s Mighty Movie Jet makes a great addition to our PAW Patrol toy collection and it will be handy for saving the day if there are any rogue meteors heading towards us. 

The transforming rescue jet was kindly gifted to us by Spin Master. It has a recommended a minimum age of 3 plus. You can buy it from Smyths, Amazon (affiliate link), The Entertainer, Argos and more. If buying online check the images carefully to make sure you are buying the larger jet as both the deluxe and standard size versions are called “Skye Mighty Movie Jet” on the packaging. 

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