DIY presents to make with your kids for their teacher

Collaborative post by another author. Teachers work hard all year round to look after your little ones, so now’s the time to thank them for everything they’ve done. While it may be tempting to pick something up from the shops or order a gift online, taking the time to create something from scratch will be hugely rewarding. It will help to save money and means you can spend valuable time with the kids. 

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Add the personal touch to gifts to teachers with DIY presents

Here are some ideas for handmade gifts that your child’s teacher will love. 

A Card  

You could go down the sentimental route with a handmade card and handwritten message. Anyone can try card making as long as they have some crafting supplies. There are endless designs online if you’re stuck for inspiration and many of them are extra creative, incorporating pop-up elements and more. 

Alternatively, you and your little ones can go for your own designs to create something unique. Go to town with paints, gems and other embellishments to make it stand out from the rest. For an added touch, you could insert a little drawing or a photo for them to keep. 

A Candle 

Thanks to candle-making kits, creating your own candle isn’t as daunting as it might sound. Make several smaller candles using a range of scents or create a larger candle in a decorative pot – the choice is yours. The basic premise is to measure and melt the wax before adding fragrance. Then, you’ll add the wick and more wax. Embellish the final product with a little label and a ribbon to make it picture perfect. 

A Coaster 

Coasters can come in many shapes and sizes, which gives you great scope for creating something unique for your child’s teacher. You can work with your little ones to create crocheted coasters, ceramic coasters, slate coasters and more. You can even design your own coaster online and add a class photo to make it more sentimental. Coasters make a great desk decoration in the classroom, so your teacher can display it and spark conversation with other students. 

A Plant

Plants are a great gift – and many people would be delighted to receive one. Not only do they look great, but they also have numerous benefits that support human health. They’re good for our mental wellbeing and productivity, making them the perfect addition to any classroom. Alternatively, they’re a fabulous decorative piece for at home. Your child’s teacher will be thrilled regardless. 

To embrace the homemade element, you and your child could paint a plant pot or upcycle a mason jar. Add a decorative detail like a ribbon for the finishing touch. 

Bake Goods

You can’t go far wrong with food – and if your child knows your teacher’s favourite sweet treat, you can go all out. Choose a simple, child-friendly recipe like cupcakes or brownies and embellish them however you see fit. An even less time-consuming option is a tray bake, which offers the kids a great opportunity for decoration. Baking a batch or a larger portion means that your child’s classmates can try the baked goodies too. How you package up the cakes will be key to the delivery. You can use cellophane, ribbons, gift bags and fancy Tupperware to help with this.

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