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I’m starting to think about the inevitable: returning to work. While I don’t finish maternity leave until early next year, I’m going to meet with my manager in the next couple of weeks. I went back to work with my eldest when she was a year old and it was hard. Working full time meant that week days I didn’t get to see much of my daughter. I had to wake her up, get her into clothes, take her to nursery and by the time I got back from work M was about ready for bed. Unfortunately then, and now, she has resisted going to bed at a reasonable time because she wants to spend time with me, but she is tired and needs sleep. We have to struggle to get quality time into those high stress periods and the weekend. 

When I go back to work M will be at Breakfast club, then school, the after school club. It doesn’t leave us a lot of time to spend together so I need to make sure the time we do have counts and that I can have as positive an influence as possible. That’s why I’m excited to read Nadim Saad’s new book released this week “The Working Parents Guide to raising happy and confident children”.

The book aims to show working parents how they can take the skills they already use at work to improve their family life. It includes practical idea to help with common parenting challenges and the one I want to read most is how to get out of the house in the morning without arguments or bribes. I can’t remember the last time we’ve left the house in a hurry without an argument. I hate it. It puts me in a bad mood for the morning, I can’t imagine it puts M in the best state for learning either.

I'm not suggesting that all working parents need help, or that parents that care for their children full time have no problems. I make no secret on this blog that I struggle at times (ok maybe frequently) and while no single parenting book is going to make parenting easy Nadim's book takes an approach I haven't seen before.

What appeals to me about the book is that it combines knowledge that I have (I’ve been on countless leadership and management courses), an attachment parenting approach I believe in (positive discipline), is based on science (I have a Psychology degree) and the book is written to be practical and easy to read. I don’t have a lot of time, but the simple tips and step by step instructions should be easy to follow. I will be putting it to the test.

If you would like to win a copy of the The Working Parents’ Guide to Raising Happy and Confident Children (in your choice of either a physical copy or kindle edition) please enter my giveaway below. As a bonus all my readers can download a copy of Nadim’s previous book Raising Confident Kids by clicking here: 

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Information about the book
Title: The Working Parents’ Guide to Raising Happy and Confident Children 
Author: Nadim Saad
ISBN: 9780993174377
Cost: £11.99
Published: 4th October 2016
Publisher: Best of Parenting Publishing
Accompanying trouble-shooting app available

Disclosure: I have been provided with the giveaway prize and download link to share on my blog. I have received a digital copy of the book to read, but I am under no obligation to write nice things about it.


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