There are days...

There are days when you feel like you spend all your time holding your baby. Days when you don't even make it to the shower. There are days when you have to choose between putting your baby down to cry for 30 seconds or trying to go to the toilet while holding them.

There are days your baby will only sleep on you. When every time you place them gently in their cot their eyes spring open and they start to cry. There are days you manage to get downstairs and make a cup of tea before they wake up crying, where you comfort them as your tea goes cold. 

There are days when you want some space, to not constantly be touched. Days when you want a break or just want to walk away. There are days you wait to hear the sound of your partner opening the front door as they come home so you can hand baby over.

We all have days like these.
A baby asleep
But there are days which come all too soon where you realise you haven't given your child a hug all day. Days where you sneak into their room as they sleep to push their hair back and give them a kiss and tuck the blanket round them.

There are days when they will tell you they don't like you any more, where they say "you're no longer my best friend", "I want Daddy" or "I hate you". Days when they push you away when you try and give them a hug. Days they want to do it all themselves.

There are days when you wave to them at the school gate, but they don't even turn back to look. Days when you go to pick them up, they wave, but keep on playing.

A girl in school uniform holding an umbrella seen from behind walking away
There are bad days when they need you too much, but they become bad days when they don't need you enough.

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  1. So true, there are days i realize I haven't even given them a cuddle and its too late cos they are already in bed fast asleep :-( I try to make time but so hard with school and after school activities! Extra cuddles at the weekend for my babies :-) #sundaybest

  2. Lovely post and very true. Thanks for joining us at #SundayBest, hope to see you again tomorrow!

  3. It is SO true, that these days that we find so hard will soon become days we miss :( Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x


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