Taking photographs in Autumn

I love the cold crisp days of Autumn as the leaves change shades of gold, red and amber. I love the soggy days when there are no leaves on the trees less. The days where big rain drops fall off the trees and manage to fall down the small gap between my coat collar and my neck, yep I’m not the biggest fan of those days either.

I live on the edge of Epping Forest which is beautiful all year round, but Autumn probably shows the woods at their best. This weekend is the tipping point where there are more leaves on the floor than on the trees. It’s easy to feel it is all downhill from here, but with only 5 weeks until Christmas I’m feeling the air of optimism still.

Too many presents have been bought for the girls (who already have too much) and I am at a loss what to buy for most of the rest of the family. I also don’t know what I want, which is just as well since I’ve already had a camera bought for me and I’m asking people to contribute to it. Lovely camera. It's a shame I am struggling to find the time or good enough light to take great pictures at the moment. Instead I am practising with low light photography, my tripod and different techniques. 

Yesterday I went out just before dusk to have a play with my camera, these are some of my captures from the forest and the road outside the car park.

Some orangey yellow leaves on a tree with sky behind
A close up of leaves on a tree
ISO 400, f/ 2.8,  1/25 sec

A path covered in leaves, the edge of a lake and trees all autumnal colours
The edge of a lake
ISO 400, f/ 2.8, 1/15 sec

A path covered in brown leaves, the edge of a lake and trees in different shades of yellow, orange and brown
The path out of the forest
ISO 400, f/11, 3.2 sec

A lake in the foreground and autumnal trees behind it
Across the lake
ISO 400, f/11, 1/10 sec

A road at dusk with lines across the photograph caused by cars and a fire engine driving past on a slow shutter speed. The lights are orange, red and blue
A fire engine and cars
ISO 125, f/4, 5.0 sec

A road with red lights caused by car tail lights taken on a slow shutter speed
ISO 125, f/ 5.6, 10.0

All the photographs were taken using a tripod and my Sony rx100 camera. I used Lightroom to crop and enhance them.


  1. I love the colours in Autumn, is such a pretty season

    Thank you for linking up

  2. I love how you bring out the autumn highlights

  3. I love autumn such a lovely time to photography with the array of colours available X #mysundayphoto

  4. Youve really captured the color so beautifully! #MySundayPhoto


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