Review: Trutex School Uniform

We were recently offered the chance to review a school uniform from Trutex. This came at a great time because in just a few months at school M has really been putting her uniform though it’s paces. Her shoes are scuffed, a barely worn pinafore has a rip in it and I’ve had to bleach several t-shirts to remove tomato sauce stains and paint. The Reception playground has mud, a swing, a climbing frame and all sorts of equipment to test the best of school uniforms.

A young blonde girl sitting on the floor in Trutex school uniform

Having bought uniform from a number of supermarkets and a department store I’m getting stronger opinions about what I want from school uniform:

  • it needs to be good quality
  • it must be a reasonable price
  • it should wash easily
  • it shouldn't crease easily
  • it should be easy to put on

When we first got her uniforms over the summer M wanted to try them on everyday. Now she has to wear it everyday she is starting to show strong opinions about her school uniform:

  • it should be pretty
  • it mustn’t be itchy
  • it can’t be too fluffy
  • it must fit nicely, but allow her to hang upside down from monkey bars

After we had selected the items we wanted and they were in the post I mentioned it to my partner. He said “Trutex? Our school uniform was made by them". I thought is the company really that old? A company which has made school uniform for 30 years probably knows what it is doing. I checked on their website and discovered Trutex actually celebrated their 150th anniversary last year which even before I saw the uniform gave me confidence in it.

We were given a white polo shirt age 5/6 (chest 56-58cm), a junior embroidered zip pinafore in charcoal age 6 and a bottle green cotton blend cardigan age 5/6. The uniform is slightly more expensive than some of the supermarket items I have bought and it shows in the material.

My daughter wearing Trutex bottle green cardigan, charcoal pinafore and white polo shirt

I planned to take a picture of the uniform before first wear and after it was washed and ironed. I hung the washed pinafore in M’s wardrobe ready to take a photo, but it didn’t last long as it ended up going straight back into school. I asked M why she chose that dress (the one dress I wanted to take a picture of) and she said it was because it was the prettiest. So it was a definite hit with her, I think because of cut and the motif on the breast pocket of birds on a branch.

What I loved about the pinafore dress was that after washing and drying it barely needed to be ironed and looks as good as new. It has a zip at the front which makes it quick for children to get themselves dressed in the morning (when they find the motivation) and after PE. M is tall for her age (just turned 5) and the dress came down to her knees.

A grey pinafore dress on a hanger in front of a white wall

The t-shirt is a good weight for a polo shirt and unisex so misses out on the frills M has recently shown a preference for, but I was happy with it and I think it will last longer than her other t-shirts. On M's skinny frame the shirt is quite baggy, but fitted comfortably under the pinafore.

A white polo t-shirt

The cardigan is a lovely rich shade of dark green. It is a good fit and was nice and warm. It felt soft even after washing.

A dark green cardigan on a hanger in front of a white wall

All 3 items washed well. They can all be tumble dried on cool too which is great when you have one of those emergencies on a Sunday night where you realise you haven't got any clean clothes.

So based on what we think is important how would we rate the Trutex school uniform?

The pinafore: M and both love the dress and I would definitely buy her more pinafores from Trutex.
The cardigan: warm, soft and a great colour.
The polo shirt: A great shirt I would recommend to boys or children who like plain tops.

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Disclosure: we were sent the uniform to review, but all thoughts and words are my own.

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  1. Those cardigans look great, D is very picky about cardigans!


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