Paw Patrol Hopscotch Playmats Review

My biggest girl is a huge Paw Patrol fan so when we were given the chance to review some Paw Patrol playmats I said "yes" before even asking her.

When they arrived M excitedly got them out of the box straight away. She decided to put them together to form a hopscotch and after assembling them she happily hopped and jumped along for a few minutes before deciding to get her Paw Patrol figures out and play on the mats.
Paw Patrol playmats being assembled into a Hopscotch by a young girl

There are 8 squares in the set, each featuring a different character. The set includes both Skye and Everest (the lady pups) which made them very popular with M.

I like that each square has a number on as well as the character so it helps children practice their numbers and they can be used for a variety of games. The mats can be used in a number of ways as they connect together in different shapes. You can use them to play games on (such as hopscotch) or use them when you just want a bit of cushioning on the floor. 
The 8 Paw Patrol Playmats put together in rectangle (4 squares by 2)

What size are the playmats?

Each square is 31.5cm x 31.5cm (including the jigsaw edging) and if you join them together to form a rectangle they are 61cm x 120cm. The length of the hopscotch is 180cm. They are 1cm thick and provide a good level of firm padding.
The side of a playmat with the rest of the set blurred in the background

Are the playmats good quality?

M hasn't been very careful when assembling or taking the pieces apart, and you can see small bend marks but these are the only signs of use. There are no scratch marks from her playing or dents from the pressure of jumping on them (even when I did it). The colours are bright and images well printed and they all easily go back in the box for storage.
A close up view of where there are some minor signs of wear and tear

Our verdict

They are good quality and have inspired a number of different games. With our wooden floors these fun and colourful mats have been great to provide cushioning. Their versatility means I can use them with the baby as well.
A blurry pair of legs playing hopscotch on the Paw Patrol playmats

About the Playmats

Produced by Tatamiz, in the UK they are currently sold in TJ MORRIS stores (Home Bargains). This Christmas they are selling the playmats in the Paw Patrol design and Disney Princesses. 
We were sent them to review and play with, but are under no obligation to say nice things.
Logo for Tatamiz

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