A Tale As Old As Time

I was so excited when I saw “Beauty and The Beast” is about to be released on DVD that I actually said “eek” out loud. I recognise it isn’t the greatest film in the world, some of the acting and singing could be better, but there is something about the film. It’s the Disney of my childhood.

Photo of Beauty and The Beast Album artwork showing Belle (Emma Watson) and a beast.

I was 10 when the animated Beauty and the Beast was released in the UK. I don’t know how old I was when I first saw the film, but it’s safe to assume it was at a time when I was discovering boys, when I felt I was a bit of an outcast and when the idea of living in a castle with a happy ever after appealed to me. 

For some reason it wasn’t until a few years ago I thought about just how odd the film is. I mean, Belle falls in love with an animal! Ok it’s actually a Prince under a spell, but she doesn’t know that. As far as Belle knows he is some weird sort of bear. Yes it must be “new and a bit alarming”. There are plenty of plot holes too. 

Why does Chip have lots of brother and sisters when he’s a tea cup but appear to be an only child at the end of the film? Why is it warm enough for Belle to dance around in a dress at the beginning of the film, but soon after she’s having snow ball fights with the Beast. Then while the Candlestick is singing he claims they have been transformed for 10 years, yet the Beast only has until his 21st birthday to lift the curse. . The 2017 version tries to tidy up a few of these holes with subtle lyric changes and explanations, but it can’t really get over the beastiality thing.

As a child I didn’t worry about the plot issues, and I don’t worry about them too much now because Beauty and The Beast (and the Little Mermaid) are so much a part of my childhood that just hearing the songs takes me to another place, another time. 

When they made the live action version of Cinderella I refused to watch it. I saw the model dolls in the Disney store and the one based on Lily James (Cinderella) looked full of attitude. How could a film be good if Cinderella had that face? The Cinderella story was never as close to my heart as Beauty And The Beast, but I was still worried about the live action film ruining it for me. It wasn’t until after if was released on DVD that I was persuaded by someone on Twitter to watch Cinderella. She assured me that it was more magical than the animation. I watched it and I wasn’t disappointed.

In the build up to the Beauty and The Beast cinema release I was so excited; I watched every trailer I could find on YouTube. I offered to take my eldest to see it at the cinema if she promised she would sit all the way through it. Despite her promise there were numerous complaints from her during the film that she was: scared, bored and feeling sick, but she made it. And she claimed afterwards she loved it. And she wants Belle's wedding dress. She has recently requested the soundtrack on her iPod too.

Of course the reason we have the soundtrack in the first place is because I wanted it. I fully admit I have awful taste in music and I apologise to my neighbours for singing along loudly to Disney tracks. The reason M loves Disney princesses is at least partially because they are the films I wanted to watch when she was younger and so I encouraged her to watch them. I am modelling her in my own bad taste. Unfortunately she is too young for chick flicks.

In my thirties I no longer want to run away from my life like so many Disney Princesses because I love my partner and my children. I often feel I don’t really belong in the real world, that I’m failing, but blogging and blog friends have shown me I’m not alone in feeling that way, so in a funny way I do belong. For some reason I still find myself getting caught up in the magic of living happily ever after. 

I’m looking forward to getting my copy of the 2017 Beauty and The Beast Film. As I have outgrown the animation, the live action version has taken it’s place. It’s reminded me I’m not too old for a bit of Disney led escapism. And I will be watching it very very soon.


  1. Ah I need to get this one! I haven't had a chance to see the new movie yet but I loved the old animated version :-)

  2. I still haven't seen it! I loved the original as a child but my kids aren't into Disney :(

  3. I love Beauty and The Beast both the remake and the original.

  4. I'm looking forward to watching it x

  5. Wasn't really a fan of the animated version but I'm looking forward to seeing this 😀

  6. I love the animated version, and like you couldn't wait to see the remake! I agree some of the singing is a bit iffy, but it's so beautifully done.. and I LOVE that they filled some of the plot holes xx

  7. Yes I also thought it was strange than chips mum appears to be about 70, yet chip is just a boy. Unless they were embracing the older parenthood thing! :)

  8. Love the original and the remake comes pretty close


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