Review: Craft Time Mini Mosaics

I’m always looking for compact activities we can take away with us when we go on long car journeys or aeroplanes. We were sent a couple of new Craft Time Mosaics from Brainstorm and they arrived just in time for our holidays. A long drive to the Netherlands was the perfect travel opportunity to test out these stick on mosaic patterns so when M started asking for the iPad I suggested she completed one of the kits instead. Luckily she was excited to have a go.

The Dolphin and Pony mosaic sets in their packaging

For around half an hour my eldest was quiet in the back of the car as she concentrated on sticking the right colour foam sticker on to each square and then she excitedly showed us the finished picture. When we arrived at our destination the picture was even given pride of place in her bedroom, well until Little Sister was in there on her own and decided to pull lots of the stickers off. Fortunately each kit has plenty of extra squares in each colour so we could repair the picture without Big Sister realising. Phew.

A young girl in a car seat in a car looking at a completed pony mosaic

We were sent the Dolphin and the Pony to review, but there are 6 different kits to choose from in the Craft Time Mosaics Mini Range. Each set has a cardboard rectangle (18cm x 14cm) with a picture printed on and squares with different colour borders. The colour of the border indicates what colour foam mosaic tile should be placed there. The pack also contains different coloured foam square stickers covered in glitter.

The Dolphin Mosaic out of the packaging showing the picture board and foam pieces

The kits are recommended for age 3 and older because the foam sticker pieces are small, but it’s not difficult to do. As long as the child is able to separate the foam squares and stick fairly accurately they will be able to do it. M is nearly 6 and really enjoyed making them. 

A close up of M taking the foam squares off and sticking them on the Pony Craft Time mosaic

I love that it’s easy to do, hardly takes up any packing space and it's relatively low mess (the mess was created by M insisting she should decorate my phone case with the remaining foam stickers and the glitter rubbing off on me). M loves the colours, the cute pictures and the sparkles. 

***Disclosure: We were sent the Mosaic Mini Pony and Dolphin to review, but all thoughts are mine (and M's)***

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  1. Thanks for this review, will be looking out for these boredom busters :-)


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