Those Monday Morning Conversations

“How was your weekend?”, “Good thank you, yours?”. That’s the conversation you are meant to have on a Monday morning. It’s the Monday alternative to “how are you?” “fine thanks, you?” . It’s not even expected that you share what you actually did and you definitely shouldn’t say anything negative. It’s just what people say all over the country as they greet each other in offices every Monday morning. It’s the same for my new SAHM life with the school run too, but fortunately children make it more interesting.

Filling a small paddling pool with a hose while a toddler stands in it fully clothed

You never really know what is going to come out of a child’s mouth. They have an unusual understanding of social etiquette and seem to remember events differently to adults. This morning when M was asked about her weekend what do you think she shared? Was it having fun in the playground with friends? Drawing or reading in the Library? Or splashing in the paddling pool? No she happily shared how she got stung by a bee. She wasn’t so happy yesterday afternoon or evening when her foot was hurting, but at that moment it was the most shareworthy part of her weekend.

What would I share about my weekend? I would probably mumble about how we had a quiet weekend at home and didn’t do much. Nothing Instaworthy. It’s true of course and I don’t think we did anything very exciting, but thinking harder, what did I do?

∙ I got to sleep late after a bad night due to Little’s teething.
∙ We had a lovely time at the playground and library when we eventually got out of the house following an epic meltdown from M.
∙ I saw some school mums in the shops including a newborn gorgeous squidgy baby.
∙ We spent most of Sunday in the garden, playing with the girls and splashing in water.
∙ We had a barbecue.
∙ G and I binge watched more Nashville.

But the best thing about the weekend? Getting to spend time together. I only have M here every other weekend (the rest of the time she is at her Dad’s) and I love it when we are all together. It’s a different dynamic, much louder, much harder work, but I love it. With the long hours G works I don’t see much of him during the week so the weekend is about reconnecting with him too.

A girl drawing in a library while the toddler climbs on the table

And now the weekend is over. An ordinary weekend, with nothing amazing to say about it, but I need to have weekends like that every so often. My weekend was definitely “good thank you, and yours?”

The Ordinary Moments


  1. This is 100% the conversation at the school gates of a monday! But it sounds like a lovely ordinary weekend and sometimes those are the best ones x

  2. The weekends go so fast don't they? I can hardly remember what we've done each Monday and each weekend blurs into the next! x


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