Review: Big Beard Battle

Normally when we see toy adverts on TV it’s my eldest daughter asking if we can buy it, but when I saw the advert for Big Beard Battle it was me going “Ooooo!”.  A game where you look daft and have to grow long colourful beards sounded like the perfect game for my family so I was super excited when we got the chance to review it.

The Big Beard Battle box, spinner, blue beard pieces and the plastic razor

Big Beard Battle is a really easy game: everyone wears silly plastic moustaches and the first person to build a beard from four matching pieces wins. The beard pieces are two sided and each side is one of four colours: red, yellow, green or blue (to match the moustaches).  On your turn you whirl a spinner to find out if you get to pick a beard piece (or two), shave someone’s beard off, give them a trim or have a “beard race”. To do well you need a bit of luck and the ability to remember which colours have already been turned over. It’s a fast paced game and it doesn’t take long for someone to win.

A young girl about to whirl the spinner

When you open the box you have to stick the velcro on to the beard pieces before you can play. Fortunately everyone seems to love stickers so that’s not a problem. You are given the exact number of velcro pieces you need so you need to be careful not to waste any. The moustaches stay on with arms that go over your ears, like glasses.

The Big Beard Battle and what's in the box: contents, moustaches, big beard cards, scissors, razor, spinner, velcro spots

It was really quick to learn how to play: basically put the beard pieces down shaving foam side up and each play takes it in turns to spin, youngest first (a rule my children always enjoy). The first time we landed on a new section of the spinner I read out what it meant so there wasn’t lots to remember. The game is recommended for age 4 plus and for 2 to 4 players.

M with a 2 piece blue beard from Big Beard Battle game

Me: “What did you think of the game?”
M: “It’s the best thing in the world, it’s better than sweets and iPads”
Me: “You don’t really mean that do you?”
M: “Yeah, it’s lots of fun”
So there you have it, the 5 year old enjoyed it, but I think she might take that comment back if I offer to play the game with her next time she asks for sweets.

M with a beard 7 pieces long about to shave it off and pulling a silly face

It’s surprisingly hot wearing a moustache and a beard doesn’t really suit me, but everyone looking silly makes this game extra fun. I love how fast and simple it is to play. I can see a group of adults enjoying playing it after dinner just as much as we did with children. It's just the right mix of luck, skill and absurdity to make it a family hit.

***Disclosure: Thank you to Brainstorm for sending us Big Beard Battle to play. This is an honest review and all thoughts are my own, except for M’s which she claims are honest, but might be slight exaggeration.***


  1. This looks like so much fun! Definitely a game my family would enjoy as well x

  2. Better than sweets! It looks like a fab game to play as a family.

  3. Haha we love board games and this looks lots of fun. Brill to hear she liked it better than the ipad! x

  4. It's so nice seeing kids playing board games! Loved the little one's review as well, haha. It'll be so much fun when my son is old enough to play games!

  5. That looks so much fun my boys would still love it x

  6. Added to the Christmas list, this looks amazing for my eldest.

  7. Ooh this does sound like a really fun game for all the family! I definitely need to pop some of these on my eldest's Christmas list this year x


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