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My diet isn’t great at the best of times and when pregnant it is worse than normal. For some reason I completely go off vegetables and spend most of the 9 months wanting to eat toast and chips. Obviously pregnancy is one of the times it is even more important than normal to eat properly, and if you don’t, to take supplements. One of the supplements I have most trouble with is Omega 3. Even when I’m not pregnant I hate the smell of fish oil so I might have been a little over excited when I tried the Omega 3 from YourZooki. It's a Omega 3 supplement which doesn’t taste of fish, in fact it’s delicious! (Post contains affiliate links).

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Omega Zooki contains 375mg of Omega 3 EPA DHA. YourZooki do some magic to the Omega 3 with nano-encapsulation technology so when you have a spoonful all you taste is peaches and mangoes. It is great on a spoon, but it’s much more flexible than that and you can squeeze it over fruit, add to a smoothie, have on your cereal, the options are endless.

It was suggested my youngest daughter tried taking Omega 3 a while ago so I searched in the health food shops and the only option I could find suitable for her age was a fishy oil you syringe into the mouth. I can’t stand the smell and if any spills on her I am practically gagging until I have given her a bath. The Omega Zooki can be given to children, but even better they have Kid's Omega Zooki with 375mg of Omega 3 (including 262.5mg EPA and 112.5mg DHA) this time in Pineapple Punch flavour. 

A white bottle with Kids Omega Zooki on the label next to a silver spoon containing a white cream
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Both Omega 3 products are: dairy free, sugar free, soy free, Non GMO and gluten free. Their Omega V Zooki 3-6-9 is vegan, but their MCT Zooki and Vitamin Zooki contain dairy. I’ll admit the prices aren’t cheap, but they aren't much more than comparable products and they are definitely more delicious.

In their words:
“The taste and texture of Omega Zooki is made possible by patented nano-ecapsulation technology. In short, the fish oil is encapsulated in water soluble micelles and then mixed with deionised (purified) water. The bottles are then nitrogen dosed to displace all oxygen before they are sealed. All this ensures that the fish oil remains pure and doesn't oxidise. The colour comes from Turmeric which is an anti-inflammatory and the sweetness comes from Xylitol which is a natural plant-based sweetener.”

In my words:
Omega Zooki is delicious and a great way to boost your Omega 3 without fishy burbs.

***Disclosure: I received product to review from YourZooki, but all thoughts are my own apart from where otherwise stated. ***

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