Review: Wooden Castle from SRI Toys

I love wooden toys so I was excited we were sent a toy from SRI Toys to review. Their hand crafted wooden toys encourage creative play. We were sent a castle set which comes complete with knights, royalty and a wizard. I loved the simple wooden pieces, but what did my children think when I gave them the wooden set to play with? 

Playing with a small grey, slotted together castle on a wooden floor. Wooden character pieces are in the foreground

The castle consists of 4 walls you slot together and an inner walk way which keeps the walls in place. To accompany the castle are 6 characters: a king, a queen, a princess, a wizard, an archer and a swordsman. The details are minimal, but the magic of the wooden toys worked with my daughters just as it did on me. The majority of their toys are plastic, with moving pieces or electronics, but they played with the castle set as happily as with any other toy. 

The Wooden castle set on a white background showing the front and top of the castle and the characters

My eldest’s favourite film for some time was Disney’s Robin Hood (where Robin is played by a fox) and she has many books featuring princesses who live in castles, in fact she was surprised when she visited a castle and there was no princess living there. Fortunately the majority of her stories have pretty awesome princesses who save the day instead of being the type to just sit in a tower, and that influences her play.

Lining up the characters outside the castle with the King and Queen inside

SRI Toys have designed over 2000 products since 1989. According to the website the handmade products are cut from locally sourced sustainable rubber wood, a renewable resource from plantations in Sri Lanka.  They are cut, sanded, sealed and painted by skilled craftsmen with fair employment standards. The toys are safe, non-toxic, educational and encourage imaginative play. Even their packaging is from recycled cardboard and printed locally. Yes the products cost a little more, but that will always be the case when you buy responsible products.

Playing with the wooden castle, the brown cardboard box is also visible

The set is great for children to play together because they can be different characters. At 18 months Little Sister is still a fan of putting the pieces in her mouth and trying to take the castle apart. She also likes to put all the characters in the top of the castle then get them out through the door. The set has survived her rough play. Some of our other wooden toys have paper on instead of painting and they don't last so well. Big Sister creates stories and moves the pieces around in a more refined game play, but they both enjoy the set.

Sisters playing with the wooden castle

***Disclosure: We were sent the castle play set for a honest review. This post contains affiliate links***


  1. I love wooden toys and these look great! Think my youngest would love them

  2. I love wooden toys , have some stocked up for little one

  3. I love wooden toys! They just look so much nicer. Bet this was fab for pretend play.

  4. How cute is that!! Looks amazing, most castle toys I see are so bulky we'd have nowhere to store it but that's amazing.

  5. I am a big fan of wooden over plastic toys. They tend to last a lot longer, look nicer and are better value and quality in general. I know my oldest two would love this! x

  6. I find wooden toys so much more asthetically pleasing than plastic toys..and on the whole, they are quieter too!!

  7. I am a huge fan of wooden toys - that castle set looks fab Erin would love it x


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