My Personal and Work Goals for 2018

What would a New Year be without a few goals? Some targets to keep us on track and give us something to reach for in the year ahead. I have a combination of personal and work aims I want to achieve in 2018, some big and some small. I’m excited to see how 2018 is going to pan out.

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Personal Goals

Teach My 6 Year Old Basic Cooking Skills

Over the last couple of months I decided I just need to be brave and let my eldest get more involved in the kitchen. Yes there will be mess and yes there is a risk she could get hurt, but we all need to learn to cook at some point. So far we have covered the basics of hygiene when cooking (repeatedly), weights and measurements, rubbing in fats to flour and putting baking trays in the oven safely. Cooking is pretty instinctive to me because I have cooked from such a young age and I find it interesting watching her learning to cook because it reminds me how much there is to learn. I am so excited.

Finally Paint That Wall In My Kitchen 

When we moved into our house two years ago we had to do some work to remove damp which involved replastering half a wall in the kitchen. The plaster needed to be left a few weeks to dry out, but somehow life, and a newborn, happened and we never actually got round to painting it. 2018 will be the year!

Make More Effort With My Appearance 

I’m not going to make an aim to lose weight or get fit (although I am hoping to end 2018 weighing less than I started) but I do want to make more effort with my appearance. It’s so easy when you don’t go out to work everyday to skip basics like washing your hair, wearing make up and wearing clothes that don’t have an elasticated waist band or stains. Well this year I will make an effort and be less of a slob.

Make New Friends

I met some lovely people in 2017 and I’m really hoping that I make a few more good friends in 2018. I want to have more people to meet for coffee, to laugh with and people that know that I am there for them whatever. If they have a mad toddler who can keep mine entertained in the day so much the better.

Make Friends Again With Old Ones

I am a crap friend. I know this, my friends know this. Fortunately my closest friends accept this and forgive me forgotten birthdays and ridiculously slow response times to messages. I hate that I failed to send Christmas cards, again. It makes me feel crap that I forget birthdays and thank you letters. It makes me feel sad that I never hear from most of the people I used too. This year I will be better. I’m going to start off small, but I will do better!

Blogging Goals

Publish 10 Blog Posts A Month

In 2017 I had busy blogging months and quiet months. There were a couple of months when I hardly blogged as life got in the way and time passed too quickly. I am determined that no matter what happens in my life I will be more consistent and publish at least 10 posts every month.

Reach Over 5000 Twitter Followers

I have just over 4000 followers at the moment so I should be able to achieve this. I have been on Twitter for a crazy long time (8 years) and 6 years ago it supported me through long, hard nights when my eldest was a baby. While it might be harder to find people to chat to in amongst all the blog links it’s still a great way to find people and share the rubbish thoughts which regularly pass through my head.

Increase Likes On Instagram Pictures

I made targets at the beginning of last year about my social media growth which included reaching 5000 on Instagram. Well Instagram algorithms have changed and growth is pretty challenging so I haven’t got anywhere near that. This year I’m not worried about number of followers, but I want to get more likes for the pictures I share. Engagement is much more important to me than growth.

Post At least 3 Instagram Pictures A Week

The challenge with Instagram is that to get more likes (and followers) you need great pictures, but I don’t always have great pictures that will interest my followers (pictures of my family and children do better for me than food or still life) so I have to choose between not posting anything or posting pictures which will get less likes, pulling down my average. It can be a difficult loop to get out of, but I’m going to try to have an account which reflects me and not just chasing stats. Part of this is to take more photographs of my family and to share them even though they often wont be picture perfect.

Increase Reach On Facebook Posts

Facebook can be a total drag. I’ve had posts reach a crazily low number of people. I’m going to keep plugging away and hope than my overall reach improves over time. And even if it doesn't I don't really mind having one social media where I'm just having a chat with a few people. Honest.


  1. Some great goals here! What colour are you painting your wall? Best of luck with the blogging goals too :) Instagram is rather pesky at the moment xx

    1. Thank you. I think it will probably just be boring white because our kitchen is so dark x


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