Introducing Jigsaws To Toddlers

(Gifted product) If Little was going to choose her absolute favourite TV programme at the moment it would be Peppa Pig. Frequently when we are watching something else she will start demanding “Peppa”. I don’t know what it is about that little pink pig, but she sure holds a lot of appeal to little people. It’s not just the programme either everything becomes more attractive once it has a picture of Peppa or George added. I’ve even managed to persuade a reluctant Little to put socks on thanks to the Peppa characterisation so the Peppa Pig Jigsaw we were sent to review from Ravensburger was always going to be popular with my toddler.

My toddler in a stripy dress holding the jigsaw box which has a picture of the whole puzzle on it
A toddler looking at a jigsaw puzzle box

What Makes A Good Jigsaw For Toddlers?

The Ravensburger My First Floor Puzzle range is suitable for aged 2 years up and they make a great introduction to jigsaws because the pieces are thick and easy to put together. The 16 pieces in this puzzle are chunky cardboard so reasonably resilient to toddlers, as long as I stop her chewing them they should keep looking great. When put together the Look and Find Puzzle the image is of Mr Fox’s shop, but the fun doesn’t stop there as the completed jigsaw turns into a look and find puzzle. Around the edge of the image are 14 mini pictures which are all hidden in the main image.

My toddler sitting on the puzzle and pointing at a ball
Finding the different items on the Peppa Pig Jigsaw

At very nearly 2 Little struggled with assembling the jigsaw due to a combination of not having the dexterity yet and because the detail is quite small, but she enjoys looking for items in the shop. By 3 she could easily put it together. If you are looking for a more simple jigsaw then check out these 2 piece jigsaws from Orchard Toys.

The whole floor puzzle
The completed Look and Find Peppa Pig Toddler Jigsaw

This Peppa Pig jigsaw is a great sturdy first puzzle for toddlers. I love that the Peppa Pig My First Floor Puzzle from Ravensburger is more than just a jigsaw and it has been a lot of fun to review. I’m looking forward to seeing Little’s assembly skills improve over the next year. She is already a pro at taking the pieces apart.

A close up of two of the junky puzzle pieces and my toddler separates them
Chunky pieces make the jigsaw great for toddlers and preschoolers

***Disclosure: We were sent the Peppa Pig My First Floor Puzzle from Ravensburger to provide an honest review. You can check out all of the current My First Floor puzzle Range here. All thoughts are my own. The Amazon link above is an affiliate link, if you click on it and buy the item I get a small referral fee at no additional cost to you.***

My toddler putting all the Peppa Pig Floor Puzzle pieces back in the box
Putting all the jigsaw pieces back in the box

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