Exotic Taste Adventures With for aisha Infant Food

Daddy likes super spicy food, Mummy like fairly spicy food, baby likes? Well we don’t know but she is happy to eat the curry mummy likes. It always seems strange to me that most baby food is bland and boring when babies like their food full of flavour, you only have to see their response to fruit to understand that. Of course we don’t want to give children food high in salt and sugar, but there are so many herbs and spices we can use to make food more interesting it doesn't need to be bland. There's evidence that exposing infants to more flavours (and continuing to give them the flavours) helps to encourage them to eat those foods as they get older and enter the “fussier” stages during toddlerhood.

Little with a spoon in her mouth and a for aisha bib

For aisha is a brand of infant food that understands weaning children enjoy exciting food flavours. Their food comes in pouches for stage 2 (aged 7 months plus) and chunkier tray meals for stage 3 (aged 10 months plus).

We have been trying their stage 3 meals which include: Chicken, Quinoa & Vegetable Stew, Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry, Green Bean & Lamb Curry and Date & Apricot Tagine. I still use “baby food” at times because it is so convenient when Little needs food fast. We often have pouches in the changing bag for when she is hungry when we are out and for aisha makes a great addition to our cupboards.

A toddler pondering on the taste of some food she is eating and which is all over her white cotton bib as well

The stage 3 meals come in a plastic bowl which can be warmed in 30 seconds in the microwave making it the perfect temperature to eat (always stir the food and check the temperature to make sure it’s not too hot though). Little can feed herself with her spoon so when we first tried the meals I put a bowl down in front of her to see what she would make of it. You can see her first impressions in this video: For aisha first tasting video

She ate up the bowl I gave her and asked for more finishing the whole lot super quickly, apart from what went down her top. The other recipes have been just as popular.

Aside from the convenience of the meals I like that they are dairy free (as is Little) and low in salt. They are made with natural ingredients and I love that when I look down the ingredients list there is nothing there I don’t recognise. I actually have most of the ingredients in my cupboards and fridge.

Toddler sitting at the table, resting her head on her hand with an empty bowl in front of her with the remains of some orange puree

If you have a little person then check out the for aisha range. You can buy them on the for aisha website, ASDA, Boots, Morrisons, Tesco and Whole Foods.

***Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with for aisha, all thoughts are mine and Little's ***

A flatlay of the dirty white cotton for aisha bib, an empty yellow bowl, orange spoon and a pink cardboard packaging sleeve


  1. We tried a couple of these when Poppy was small and she loved them! I love how varied baby food is nowadays and that you can get good quality tasty food!

  2. I wish I had seen these when weaning Freddie! He loves spicy food

  3. We’ve had these before with Jack and he loved them! They smell amazing don’t they? X

  4. These look great, I think we just missed them with my daughter, but I love the idea of getting children to try all sorts of different tastes as young as possible

  5. We loved these for P, they’re amazing and some of the meals sounded and smelt so good, I wanted to gobble them.

  6. We tried these with Ava as they are dairy free and were impressed. I love spicy food!

  7. Oh, I didn't know these were so widely available - I will have to have a look. Stuff like this is so handy for when you are out and about or also if you are doing a dinner where you aren't sure how much the little one is going to eat! I like having back up options in the cupboard and these look fab!


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