Snow Day Memories and an Update on Little's Face

The snow melted over the weekend and it was back to school today for Big Sister. Memories of snow ball fights in the garden have taken on a fairytale nostalgic tint already and fortunately I am forgetting the arguments from two bored, house trapped children even faster. A couple of minutes running around the garden was no compensation for actually going out, but I did get some photo’s of the fun including Little’s impressive first snowball.

Two sisters in the snow with a snow ball

Today it’s reached a high of 10 degrees which in Autumn might seem chilly but after the minus temperatures last week it feels almost tropical. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had seen people in shorts, there were definitely a few sunglasses. This morning we headed to the hospital for an outpatients appointment for Little’s face and it was nice to be bundled up in less layers than recently.

A toddler in a pink snow suit and penguin hat with very snowy gloves

When I left the car I was all ready to go into the appointment angry and make my view on the size of the scar very clear; I blogged about my thoughts, but in short I feel that the Doctor gave me poor information and the resulting scar is bigger than it should be. I think my drive for making my point was dulled after going to the wrong location (the one on my letter) and having to walk at toddler speed to the other side of the hospital. Then there was the 10 minute wait to check in at reception followed by not being seen until 45 minutes after our appointment time. Fortunately 2 year olds are known for their ability to sit quietly for long periods of time so this wasn’t a stressful experience.

When a nurse called our name I was told we would be seeing the Consultant so I straight away felt happier. I appreciate an SHO may have 10 years or more experience (training) but it’s reassuring to talk to a specialist who has seen 100s of similar cases.

The Consultant was happy with how her scar is healing and suggested we come back in 6 months. I said I wasn’t happy about the shape of the scar and he gave me all the information which I would have appreciated getting back when we were in A&E. Information like: scarring can be unpredictable and the direction of the wound meant it was more likely not to heal neatly.

A toddler in a coat and wellies holding long sticks on a patch of grass

We left the building and Little proceeded to run around non stop. The combination of warmer weather and too much confinement meant she had no interest in getting back to the car. There are lots of green patches in the hospital grounds so Little collected sticks and pine cones before ripping up some of the longer patches of grass. Oh and in the car park the bike rack provided a good 5 minutes entertainment too.  At least it feels like spring is in the air again so standing around suggesting we head to the car in twenty different ways wasn’t so bad. 

And now I'm sharing a few more pictures of Big Sister having fun in the snow, because it isn't often she lets me take pictures of her these days.

A young girl in jumper, scarf, hat and gloves looking at a large snowball in her hands and smiling

A young girl in hat, scarf, gloves and jumper who has just thrown snow up in the air so it is showering down on her

A young girl grinning with snow around her mouth after having eaten some

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