How Will You Be Spending Mother's Day?

This year my Mother’s Day is going to be a bit different: it will be just me and my girls. That means no lie in and no breakfast in bed. M has recently learnt how to make tea and coffee so I might get a hot drink made for me while I hover a few metres behind her watching nervously as she pours water from the kettle. How well the day goes will probably depend on how long before 6 am I have to get up. I’m lucky and G normally gets up at 5 something am every morning when the cat or toddler has had enough of sleeping, but this weekend he will be on a stag do in Spain.

Two white candles with gold spots and a pink and white candle burning on the side of the bath with lots of bubbles
For Mother's Day I want to relax, but still feel like a mum

How Will You Spend Mother's Day This Year?

It’s strange knowing in advance that no one will make a fuss of you and you won’t get a break. There are no expectations so there won't be any disappointment. Mother's Day is important though and it will feel strange to see all the messages without celebrating. 

Last night I went out for dinner with some lovely mum friends having left G to put the girls to bed. This was quite brave of me as Little normally depends on me to get to sleep in the evening. We had a great evening catching up, but there is always too much to say and never enough time even with 3 hours without the interruption of our 10 children. It was only while chatting with them that I realised for many mums Mother’s Day is not about them, but their mothers and mother in laws. It would appear it’s normal to have to try and fit in multiple meals to show appreciation for the grandmothers and to drive some distance to celebrate together. With my mum always living some distance away from me (currently in France) Mother’s Day has never been about spending the day with her although I am expected to send a card and make a phone call.

As one of my friends pointed out what a lot of us mum’s want on Mother’s day is a break. Some sleep, no cooking, no cleaning and the house not to fall apart because of us having a day off. We want a break, but we wouldn’t actually want to be away from our children, because as much as we want to relax we still want to feel like a Mum.

So with my Mother too far away to visit for the weekend and G away too I’m making my own plans. I have joked that I will be charging the iPad to keep M entertained and sticking Nick Jr on for their Peppa Pig marathon (excellent work by Nick Jr to run back to back Peppa most of the day, although all day would have been better). This would keep both girls happy for a few hours and if I leave packed lunches I could probably even get a nap in. The sight of my living room when I got back down might make it not worth it though.

I’m hoping to go out with my girls. There always seems to be more arguments indoors so if the weather is good enough a relaxed day out can be more fun for all of us. Getting a good run around (them not me) should mean they go to bed at a reasonable time too. I’m expecting to be pretty exhausted, but hopefully there will be a couple of hours once the house falls silent Sunday night I can use to relax and treat myself.

I plan to run a hot bath, light the candles, put on some music that doesn’t encourage me to clap my hands or touch my toes and relax. When I am resembling a prune I will get out the bath, make myself a cup of tea and take it upstairs to bed without having to worry that I’ll spill my drink on the bed and snuggle up under the duvet to read. To complete this image I should be suggesting I will be reading some suitably highbrow literature, but let’s be honest I will be on my phone chatting on social media or reading chick lit. 

3 candles surrounded in bubbles
How do you spend Mother's Day?

Spending the day with my children and then pampering myself in the evening sounds like a pretty great way to spend Mother’s Day. I hope whatever you are doing on Sunday you know you are loved and you do an amazing job so put your needs first for a few hours.

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