Treating Head Lice with Hedrin All In One Shampoo

It’s just a few short weeks until my eldest goes back to school and I am working on a list of all the essentials we need to get: new shoes, a few more bits of uniform due to growth spurts, hairbands (where do they all go?) and one more thing that you might not think of, but is handy to have in the house: head lice shampoo!

The box of Hedrin All in One Shampoo next to the bottle and the included nit comb

Unfortunately when you bring groups of children together one child tends to bring head lice to the party. The infestation can then spread round the class for some time before they are finally gone. I get it, as busy parents it takes time to go through our children’s hair with a fine tooth comb to check for the little bugs and their eggs. I find it enough of a challenge to get my eldest to stay still and have her hair brushed each morning, but it’s definitely worth dealing with head lice as quickly as possible.

The last time my eldest had head lice was when I was pregnant with her little sister. It brought back childhood memories of sitting in the bath with my sister while my Dad applied foul smelling liquid to our hair that made our eyes sting. The last thing I wanted was to expose my unborn baby to the awful chemicals and it probably isn’t great for children either so I looked for a gentler option.

Hedrin All in One Shampoo doesn’t work like the treatment of my childhood nightmares and it doesn’t contain pesticides so lice can’t build up a resistance to the product.  Instead it takes a more gentle, but effective approach. I’m much happier using this shampoo on my children and on me too if necessary (please let me not feel the dreaded itch though). I can't even smell it!

Hedrin All in One Shampoo is applied to dry hair from root to tips, left for 10 minutes then worked into a lather with a bit of water, before you rinse out and comb through (there is even a comb included in the box).

4 Steps To Effective Head Lice Treatment

Catch Them Early

Often you get a letter sent home from school when they identify an infestation, but having a comb through hair weekly with a specially designed comb can help you catch them in the early stages. They pass through head to head contact so standard play and group work in primary school is a common way for them to spread.

Treat Hair As Soon As Head Lice Are Found

It’s handy to have treatment shampoo in the house so you don’t have to rush out when you find the letter screwed up in the bottom of their school bag or notice the head scratching. Fortunately it isn't recommended to treat "just in case" so if other household members don't show any signs just keep monitoring.

Shampoo and Comb Through

Choose an effective head lice treatment shampoo like Hedrin All in One Shampoo. It’s important to follow the instructions fully including applying across the whole head from root to tip, leaving on for the correct time then using the comb. Even after the head lice are killed the eggs will remain stuck to the hair and need to be combed out.

Prevent Reinfestation

You can be pretty confident that not everyone in the class will treat their child effectively straight away, but you’ll want to avoid your child getting them again. Keep long hair tied back and comb regularly looking for signs of head lice. You will probably still find some empty eggs when combing through, but unless there are signs of live lice you don’t need to re-treat. You can also get prevention sprays like Hedrin Protect & Go spray which when applied twice a week prevent new louse infestations. 

Me looking away from the camera with my hair in a plait which is wrapped around my head. It looks nicer than that sounds
My beautiful "up do" thanks to Duck & Dry and Hedrin

***Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Hedrin who invited me along to hear all about the All In One Shampoo and to get my hair put in a glamorous up do at the Duck and Dry. Thank you Hedrin for all the helpful info about Head Lice. The shampoo is RRSP is £9.99 (100ml) and £14.99 (200ml)***

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