Thoughts On Having A Boy

At our 20 week scan it felt like it took forever for the sonographers (including a student) to check all the important bits of the baby. We were always planning on finding out the gender, but it wasn't the part we were worried about so when they finally showed us that we were having a boy I was like, "yeah and?". It wasn’t a big surprise because I thought I had caught site of the giveaway feature earlier in the scan and for much of the pregnancy I had suspected I was having a boy. 

An ultrasound image of a baby

How did I know I was having a boy? With my daughters my pregnancies were very similar, particularly when it came to the symptoms in the first trimester, but this time it felt different. When I said this to friends they often said that they had felt different between pregnancies, but they had the same gender. So maybe it’s nothing, maybe some people just know. Like I just knew I was pregnant before I took a test. Like my eldest daughter seemed to know before the scan and told me there was a boy in my tummy. She has previously predicted my pregnancies before I have taken a pregnancy test so I should probably trust her knowledge of my uterus.

When pregnant with Little I feared I was having a boy. I felt like I was having a girl, but I said things like “I bet I’m having a boy, I don’t do boys” so I was rather relieved when they advised I was pregnant with a girl again. This time I was more geared up to the idea I would be having a boy, but was it still disappointing? Yes a little.

There is the practical side of it just being easier to have 3 girls. While they would all have their own personalities the bulk of the clothes could be shared, I also know how to wipe their bottoms, potty train them and to talk to them about their bodies. I never had a brother growing up so young boys are a bit of a mystery to me. Men are too most days. I liked the thought of having 3 girls, like my sisters and I. So yes I was a little sad when they confirmed I was having a boy, but I wasn’t surprised.

I am happy to be having a boy though. I think it will be interesting and could provide a bit of balance to a house filled with 4 females (if you count the cat), G has been heavily outnumbered for a while. If you ignore the practical side and all the unknown I think it’s pretty cool, but it’s taking some processing. It also means I have a lot of boxes of clothes to sort through to try and rescue any items which aren’t dresses or particularly pink and frilly. 

G said ‘most clothes are unisex aren’t they?”. Nope. The girls have lots of boys tops because they are often more fun, but the items bought from the girls section do tend to have motifs and designs which are pretty girly. Then there are all the tights and leggings, I’ll definitely keep some of these, but it’s unlikely that a 6 year old boy will want to wear pink leggings, although if he does it will definitely save some money. So I guess I’ll be heading to the boot sales and nearly new sales this time next year when he’s grown out of the more gender neutral newborn pieces, searching for bargain “vintage” finds so I can afford a few fun new pieces too. At least toys are gender neutral (well maybe).

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