My Top 5 Dairy Free Finds At The July 18 Allergy & Free From Show

Last month I headed back to the Allergy and Free From Show after having such a brilliant time there last year. It is a great way to find new products when you are dairy free like me because you get to try before you buy and products you like are often sold at a show discount price. This year I couldn’t stay all day so I only had a quick wander round the huge show which is co-located with the V show full of Vegan products which are obviously dairy free too.

A view from the balcony down towards all the stalls in London Olympia

I am constantly amazed by the growing range and quality of products available for people with dairy free diets and I wanted to share my top finds from this years show:

Every gluten free bread I have tried in the past has quite frankly tasted pretty horrible. Gluten free products often have a powdery texture I don’t like and I find it disappointing when the dairy free option is also a poor quality gluten free one too. However the bread from Promise is the first gluten free bread I have tried which actually tastes like bread. I gave my children hot dogs with the white rolls I was gifted and they didn’t even notice. While I have no need to buy the gluten free bread there are a few products in the Promise range I am particularly interested in: the chocolate chip brioche and brioche loaf. Suitable for people who don’t eat dairy, but not those with a dairy allergy these traditionally butter filled products aren’t something I have eaten for a few years, but I am enjoying having the option again. The chocolate chip brioche is particularly good after a few seconds in the microwave and I am looking forward to making a dairy free fruit pudding or bread and butter pudding with the brioche loaf. Promise bread is available from Sainsbury’s. 

A close up of the packaging of Promise Gluten Free Seeded Wholegrain Sandwich Rolls

These were one of the few products I didn’t get to try last year because the crowds surrounding their stall were too big, this year they have added new products to their range and I got to try them. To add to their delicious range of free from gluten, dairy, egg and soya puddings including (my favourite) Mango Fandango, Choc & Awe, Cocoa Loco and Strawberry Blonde they are adding yoghurt and two amazing hot puddings: Chocolate Fudgeand a devine Sticky Toffee one. I am so looking forward to these hitting the shops in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Cardboard packaging in blue and yellow surrounding a pudding with Freaks of Nature logo on
I have long said that the thing I miss most being dairy free is cheese, there really is no good alternative I have found for normal cheese. Discovering dairy free pizzas available commercially in Pizza Express and Zizzi’s has gone a long way to help my cheese cravings and I really like the cheesy white sauce like topping they have as their vegan option. I have been wondering for ages what cheese it is, but haven’t wanted to continue to buy a string of expensive, but disappointing cheeses. At the Allergy and Free From show I discovered that Zizzi’s (and the delicious White Rabbit Pizzas available in several shops) use Mozzarisella. I bought some of their “classic” to try out at home and I have been happy with my attempts at having homemade pizza with it.

A close up photograph of homemade pizza with a tomato sauce, onions and circles of dairy free Mozzarisella pizza

Nush make a range of nice almond and cashew based yoghurts, but the product I particularly love is their new kid's tubes in strawberry and blueberry. These are a great low mess way for my toddler to eat yoghurt (she has a tendency to stick her hands in the pot normally). Why should the dairy eaters get all the fun food? Both my dairy eating and my non dairy eating children love them.

A cardboard box saying strawberry tubes on fake grass next to 3 soft plastic tubes of nush dairy free yoghurt

Starting out as a gluten free range the Ilumi products don’t include dairy either so I was interested in trying their new kid's meals available from Asda. They have 3 main meals: Mini Beef Meatballs in Tomato Sauce with Brown Rice, Vegetable Risotto and Beef Chilli & Rice and 2 instant porridge bowls: original and apple. To make them even more appealing to children they have Disney characters on the packaging. It’s great to see Free From meals specifically targeted at kids in one of the big supermarkets. My favourite is the chilli which has a hint of spice but not too much. The production method means that they can be kept in the cupboard without being filled with loads of preservatives and they can be cooked quickly in the microwave.

A Illumi for Kids Vegetable risotto packet on a tray next to taster pots

Many of the brands I loved last year were there again and you can read about them my favourite dairy free finds here.

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