Half Term, Co-Parenting and a Taste of Spring

I lay in bed and with a sinking feeling realised it was Sunday night. Why does the weekend always go so fast? Thousands of people all over the country probably have a similar feeling, but as a stay at home mum my trepidation isn’t that I need to head off to work the next day, but that my partner will be, leaving me to manage the children on my own.

The Snowdrop walk at Norpar Barns in Navestock and my children
Snowdrops at Norpar Barns with my Trio

I get spoilt at weekends with extra sleep and help and it makes Mondays so much harder. On a normal Monday we go to a playgroup which I sometimes enjoy, sometimes loathe, but it gets us out of the house. And more importantly washed and dressed. Don’t judge me, I have 3 children and getting in the shower can be a challenge.

Half Term

Last week was Half Term and my eldest was away with her Dad and his family for most of the week so on Monday I knew I had no commitments for the next 3 days. I also had no help and no reason to leave the house, but unfortunately every reason to get out of bed. A bed that hadn’t seen much of me sleeping in it over the previous few nights thanks to my Toddler's cold and a newborn.

I spent Monday to Wednesday in a haze of tiredness, snapping and repeatedly saying to my toddler: “Leave your baby brother alone”, “Gentle”, “No! He’s sleeping” and “Stop pulling his leg”. More successfully I got some washing done, tidied the same toys away 251 times and even managed a couple of trips to parks and a McDonald’s lunch.

Exploring at Gunpowder Park in Waltham Abbey
At Gunpowder Park in Waltham Abbey

Blogging Life

I squeezed in a few tiny bits of work in during the week, but Baby Boy mostly wants to be held at the moment and with Little constantly wanting attention too it’s a challenge. I still haven't recovered from my cold (or from giving birth I guess), add in the bad nights and I’ve been too tired to stay up later than the children to work.

There are a few ongoing conversations I am having with brands about future collaborations and last week we received the Tiny Love Into The Forest Gymini to review (Amazon Affiliate Link). Baby Boy seems to like it and Little constantly wants to be on it too. Reviews for children's products can be challenging because I want them to have a good play before I write the review, but I also don’t want to risk an item being damaged before I’ve had a chance to take photos. So far the play gym is holding up well to the misuse of a toddler.

My newborn testing out the Tiny Love Into The Forest Play Gym gymini
Trying out the Tiny Love Deluxe Gymini

A Visit to Lee Valley Park Farms

Thursday morning M’s Grandma brought her back to my house and we all headed off to Lee Valley Park Farms because I had been given tickets in exchange for a review. We were annual pass holders at the farm for about 4 years (until last spring) and M even had her 3rd birthday party there so I knew we would have a great time.

With the unseasonably warm weather we ended up staying at the Farm for 6 hours. Despite the time spent there we barely looked at the animals instead the girls made full use of the play areas. It was pretty busy and we didn’t manage to get on a tractor ride, but the girls had a great day. Baby Boy was less fussy than normal because he could sleep on me in the sling most of the day and I enjoyed having the company of M’s Grandma while the girls played.

The sandpit next to the meerkats at Lee Valley Park Farms
Who needs the beach when you can hang out next to Meerkats?

Back To Having 3 Children at Home

When we got home the girls continued to play nicely, which isn’t always the case, especially after M has been away for a few days. Going straight out for the day definitely helped the transition between families. It can be hard for M to switch from being on her own and able to do what she wants, to being pestered by a little sister who missed her and wants to join in with whatever game she is playing.

I managed to get Baby Boy to sleep on Thursday evening while the girls watched TV. By the time they had eaten and I had got them in the bath my partner (G) walked through the door and I left him to it. By 7.30 I was in bed feeling exhausted and achy from my biggest day out in months.

That night I woke up with a really sore boob on one side. I spent most of the night alternating between shivering and sweating, it was another night without much sleep, but for once I couldn't blame it on the children.  

On Friday I felt tired, but much better so after a quick food run we spent the rest of the day at home, a theme which continued for most of the weekend. The only time we went out was for a couple of hours to Norpar Barns in Navestock to see the snowdrops and to go to a playground on the way back. More  accurately we went to Norpar so I could get some photos of the girls with a pretty snowdrop background, but that didn’t go as successfully as planned. M got stung by a stinging nettle and Little wanted to wear some spy glasses which came free with a CBeebies magazine. I bought some pretty fake flowers and Easter decorations so it was totally worth it.

The unseasonably warm weather over the weekend meant the girls spent a lot of the time in the garden. It made me long for the long summer days when the house doesn’t get in such a mess because they are playing outside, when we all are happier and have more space. I think we will have another cold snap before spring properly arrives, but I’m appreciating feeling the sun on my face while it lasts.

Me worshipping the sun
Enjoying the sunshine

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