Review of ABCDerm: The BIODERMA Skincare Range for Babies and Children

[AD - partially gifted]. BIODERMA are one of those brands that those who are in the know know. Both my older sister and my mother have known about this French skincare brand far longer than me, but in my mother’s case I’m hoping that it’s because she lives in France rather than because she’s far more clued up than me about beauty products. 

Less well know than the adult BIODERMA ranges is their ABCDerm range for babies and children designed to be extra safe and gentle on the skin of little ones. Before Christmas I was lucky enough to win a few ABCDerm products on Instagram and shortly after I was offered a few more items from the range to review so I decided to include all the of the products in this review. 

Products from the baby and child skincare range from BIODERMA called ABCDerm which are being reviewed

I’m a fan of the ABCDerm products for two main reasons:

I’m all for keeping products as gentle as possible for babies, but it’s also important to have products that work because minor irritations can cause a lot of discomfort to little people. BIODERMA have products created specifically for issues like cradle cap and irritations around the mouth. Because the products are designed scientifically around a knowledge of the skin it provides confidence that they will make a positive difference as well as being gentle on delicate baby skin.

The other items in the range I love because they are a great option for when my daughters want to copy me. They watch me clean my face and moisturise (as well as apply make up) most days and they naturally want to do the same. The beauty products I use for my spot prone face and ageing body are too much for their delicate skin so I love that there are products in the ABCDerm range that they can use safely while feeling they are grown up.

As a bonus I love the blue and white of the packaging and they are all really easy to use.

A child applying ABCDerm micellar water with cotton wool

The BIODERMA products I received were:

Babysquarm: For Cradle Cap in babies (Gifted) 
This cream moisturises and helps eliminate scaly skin. Both my eldest have had cradle cap and although Baby Boy hasn’t so far I suspect he will at some point over the next few months as most babies get it at some point. While it doesn’t look nice it doesn’t normally cause problems so you can just leave it to go away on it’s own, but I have always used specific products to treat it and it has gone away quickly. I will update this post after I get a chance to test it out. 

Péri-oral: Irritations around the mouth (Gifted) 
Described as a repairing cream which soothes and purifies irritations. I have used this a few times on all my children when they have unexplained red and slightly sore patches around their mouth. Since I was gifted the product they have all experienced this at completely different times and it has gone away the day after using the cream. I  think it will also work well when Baby Boy is teething if he gets a red chin from all the dribble, I have found this can get really sore for them when just left and teething is tough enough as it is so it’s a handy product to have in the cupboard.

H2O: Miceller Solution (Gifted)
Miceller water seems to have become really popular in the last few years. This solution is clear with the consistency of water and it can be used to gently cleanse bottoms, faces and eyes (maybe not at the same time). It claims to be the first and only miceller water to be perfectly compatible with the skin. My eldest loves that she can use this because it looks similar to my adult version and it comes in a stylish looking bottle.

Gel moussant: Mild Cleansing Foaming Gel (Gifted). 
This is a versatile cleaner which can be used on the face, body and hair. It’s ultra mild so it won’t sting the eyes and it doesn’t contain soap. This is a lovely gentle product for when little ones need a bit of a clean. I have been using it with my toddler at bath time, especially when she has got extra mucky after eating or an art session. If you mix it with water in your hands it creates a foam easily and goes a long way. It doesn’t leave skin feeling dry afterwards either. 

Huile douceur: Body and Bath Relaxing Oil. 
Created to nourish, sooth and relax. If the baby or child’s skin is a bit dry then a little bit of this oil in the bath is great (although be careful because obviously as an oil it makes everything a bit slippy). I initially used it to help with Baby Boy’s very dry skin after he was born and now I use it when I give him a massage after bath time.

Hydratant: Moisturising Mild Milk Care for the face and body. 
It moisturises, protects and softens skin. It is thin enough to squeeze easily out of the tube, but thick enough to help with dry skin. A less greasy alternative to the oil which is absorbed faster, but still providing quite intensive moisturisation for extra softness to all over the body.

A baby with dry flaky skin on a changing mat next to BIODERMA massage oil

The ABCDerm products are suitable to be used on newborn skin as long as it’s “healthy” and they aren't premature, I took this to mean not so dry it’s cracked or bleeding. 

The products are available to buy in Pharmacies across the country as well as larger Boots stores and several online shops including Escentual where you can buy the full ABCDerm range. You can search for your nearest BIODERMA sales outlet on their website.

***Disclosure: I was sent a few of these products in exchange for a review***

ABCDERM Bioderma skincare review for babies and children

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