Rainy Days, Work Days and Plenty of Blogging

Last week was the first week of the Easter holidays for us, but it was a bit of a strange week because M was at her Dad’s all week. With no playgroup or Nursery for Little it started out a really quiet week for us, but it didn't end that way.

A family photo with Cookie Monster and Gonger

Rainy Days at Home

On Monday we went to the doctors because of Baby Boy’s ear infection which I mentioned last week. Fortunately the antibiotics worked straight away and by Tuesday morning it was already lots better. I was feeling super emotional on Monday and struggled not to shout at Little for silly little things, I also wanted to burst into tears for no reason. I’ve still no idea what the trigger was, but after a good sleep Monday night I was feeling much better on Tuesday.

Other than the trip to the doctors and the chemist we stayed inside on Monday and Tuesday to hide from the rain, but by Tuesday afternoon Little was clearly bored and had started to get up to mischief. This included making "soup" with the cress we were growing, the cat’s water bowl and my Orchids (I nearly had actual tears about that), she also pulled apart something her sister had made and was throwing things around. Baby Boy was super clingy and just wanted to be in my arms so it wasn’t that much fun for any of us.

A dirty cat bowl with orchid leaves, flowers and cress in

Forest Adventures, Fingerlings Magazine and Giant Bubbles (gifted)

We woke up to blue skies on Wednesday morning so we headed out early to the forest for an adventure. We are lucky to live so close to Epping Forest, the nearest part is less than 15 minutes walk away and I love to spend time there with the girls. With the bright blue skies and muddy puddles Little and I were both happy. I let her explore and we even had a bit of an Easter Egg hunt thanks to a Moshi Monster Egg Hunt pack (affiliate link) we were sent (gifted). The fresh air and exercise did us good so we could spend the afternoon at home, which was handy as I had lots of deliveries.

One of my parcels was from Egmont Publishing who had sent the girls a copy of the new Fingerlings magazine each. They had wrapped the magazines up as a pass the parcel with treats and a question in each layer. It was a shame M wasn’t there to help open it, but Little and I had a great time. It was such a lovely touch and Little loved using the stickers in the magazine.

In the afternoon I had to test out Uncle Bubbles Mega Loop (gifted) which we had been sent to review. Due to illness and the weather I hadn’t had a chance to try it earlier and it was unfortunate that my eldest wasn’t around to test it. As Little was playing with our next door neighbours again their 6 year old came over and gave it a try. It wasn’t the easiest to get the bubbles right, but we all had fun with it, find out more in my Uncle Bubble’s Mega Loop review and you can enter the giveaway too if you fancy winning one.

A toddler standing in an opening in the forest looking upwards

A view upwards to blue skies through trees starting to get spring leaves on

On a Moshi Monster Easter Egg Hunt in the Forest

New Fingerlings Magazine front cover out from April

Thursday: A Work Day

My Out-laws (G’s parents) came over on Thursday to take Little out for the day which meant I could try and get on with some work. Without the noise and constant attention from his loving sister, Baby Boy had a good nap in his cot, then a smaller one on my lap and one on the sling. This gave me the chance to finish off a couple of blog posts (including the Perifit Pelvic Floor Trainer review) and to take some photographs. 

I got yet more deliveries; making it 8 in 2 days which is far more than normal. They were a combination of things I had bought, review items and a giveaway prize. I was lucky enough to win a playmat from Gus and Beau on Monday in an Instagram Giveaway by Mumsnet. It looks much more stylish than the older coloured children’s playmats and it will be handy when Baby Boy is on the move.

A pile of deliveries including 2 boxes and 2 bubble wrap envelopes

Siblings on Gus and Beau playmats

Dance Class

Little had her second dance class on Friday and excitingly her kit had arrived so she got to wear her ballet and tap shoes in the class. While she was dancing I went to Space NK with a voucher I got for my birthday last year and spent ages choosing some make up with the help of a patient member of staff. There was then just about enough time to have a browse in a couple of charity shops where I found a nice shirt before picking Little up.

Make up bought from Space NK Apothecary

Saturday: More Work

I had agreed with G that I would spend Saturday catching up on some work, but by the time I had a lie in (essential given my broken sleep at night), then G went back to sleep for a nap thanks to an early start with the cat and toddler it was pretty much midday before I got to do anything. Little spent a lot of the day playing next door again so in the afternoon I got to focus on work while G held Baby Boy and did a little bit of cleaning. I published my review of an interactive Baby Annabell doll, took some more photographs for future posts and started work on a post talking about incontinence after birth.

Cookie Monsters Foodie Truck Press Event

On Sunday we were invited to Sony Pictures to see a few episodes of the new Cookie Monster programme on Tiny Pop: Cookie Monsters Foodie Truck. Little watches the programme and the invite said there would be the chance to meet the Cookie Monster so I knew straight away that both Little and G would love the event. 

All morning, all the journey into town, all around Hamleys and when we were waiting to go into the event Little asked continuously where the Cookie Monster was. I’m so glad that when he and Gonger did a Live introduction to the episodes we watched it didn’t disappoint her. And later when we got to have a photo with them Gonger was calling her “stripey chicken” and she would not stop laughing. It was one of those absolutely priceless moments that make me so grateful for some of the opportunities I get as a Blogger. The event also had some lovely crafts, fantastic facepainting and afternoon tea which included vegan cookies. It’s so nice when a brand makes the effort to make sure there is food we can eat. We also got a goody bag with a little Cookie Monster (from Sambro), some Cookie Monster greetings cards (from Hype) and a really cool t-shirt (from Character.com).

The downside of the event is Little thinks she is going to meet the Cookie Monster every weekend and she doesn’t really get that he lives in America.

A host standing next to a brick wall with Gonger and Cookie Monster behind it

A toddler standing in front of the S of Sony with Cookie Monster face paint on and Cookie Monster decorated plate puppet

A toddler in a Cookie Monster t-shirt with Cookie Monster small plush

Baby Boy at 13 weeks

Baby Boy is making it clear that he is no longer a newborn who just wants to stay still and sleep all the time. He is staying awake for longer, showing more interest in the world and he has started that stealth moving babies do. I can put him down on his playgym and even though he hasn’t rolled or crawled he can somehow end up some distance away from where I put him down and facing a different direction. He’s also very keen on eating hands now, both his own and other people’s. I’m so excited for him to be exposed to even more germs than before (that’s a joke, I’m fed up with him getting colds from Little).

This week is the second week of the Easter Holidays and it will be far noisier with M back. We have lots planned and I'll be sharing on my stories all week.


  1. Sounds like a quiet but lovely week my son goes back on tuedTueand I know I'm going to miss him ��

    1. Mine go back tomorrow, I have really enjoyed having all 3 children around. It wont be too long until the summer holidays though.


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