A Quiet Week: Milestones, Moans and Mother's Day

I look back on some weeks and it feels like I haven’t done very much, I’ll then scroll back through my phone photos and realise we did loads. Last week wasn’t one of those weeks, we really didn’t do much. On Thursday I even talked about how I was excited to be going to a different supermarket to normal, yep it was definitely a quiet week, but there were a few special moments.

walking with the pushchair with blossom in the background


On Wednesday Little wore her first uniform. She’s been going to nursery for a year now for 2 mornings a week, but we didn’t have to get her the uniform. After Easter she’ll be going every morning in term time so I decided it would be easier to put her in uniform and bought it on Tuesday. As soon as she saw it she was excited and on Wednesday morning she got dressed almost before I was up in the new tee and sweatshirt. I’m pretty sure wearing it will lose it’s appeal soon.

Last week saw a milestone for Baby Boy too with him demonstrating his ability to roll from his front to his back wasn’t just a one off. I don’t think he knows how he does it as he looks surprised each time. He also doesn’t do it when I’m recording him, but he has done it about 20 times now. Baby Boy is now much more interested in the world around him and staying awake for longer periods. He is so close to 3 months old now and I’m soon going to have to face the fact that my days of having a newborn are behind me (and the fourth trimester).

11 week old baby boy on a bed


I love my Trio and I don’t want anymore children, Mother’s Day gave me a chance to reflect on how lucky I am to have them. With only having M half of the time, my ex not wanting any more children and the struggles G and I went through to get Baby Boy I don’t take any of my children for granted. Children however are blissfully unaware how lucky they are to have a mum (even one as shouty as me) and there have been plenty of reminders in the last week that not everyone is fortunate enough to still have theirs. I should see it as a positive that M had no interest in giving me a hug or waving goodbye on Friday when she went into class even though she didn’t expect to see me until Monday afternoon. It’s a good thing that she assumes I will always be there, but it still stung that she didn’t feel the need to say goodbye, or give me a hug. Yes her Mother’s Day card said a nice message and yes I know she loves me, but ouch.


We have had some beautiful spring weather in the last week, but I’ve got yet another cold so I’m not appreciating it like I should. The girls have taken better advantage and it has been lovely to see them out in the garden again. We are lucky to have great neighbours and on one side there are some children my girls love to play with. My children seem to prefer to be in their garden than ours and it’s often a struggle to get them to come home. I don't find it at all frustrating. They are more than ready for those long days of summer where they can stay out playing until late (and hopefully sleep later in the morning).

A toddler on a roundabout in the playground

Feeling ill has meant I haven’t done as much work as I should and last week I only managed to finish my review of the PLAYMOBIL Summer Villa, take some photographs and line up some future work. I have spent a bit of time on Instagram meeting some great new people, partly due to taking over the Mother Hen Club Instagram Stories on Friday. I love to chat to people on Instagram so it was a lot of fun.

Thanks to illness, tiredness and general gluttony I have develop a bit of a belly since I had Baby Boy. I’ve lost weight in my pregnancies with all 3 children then gained in the year afterwards. I was hoping not to repeat the weight gain this time, but so far I haven’t managed it. The excess skin on my tummy has now been filled with fat and I know I need to balance out my calorie use and intake urgently.

Sadly due to financial reasons and underuse I have cancelled my gym membership, but once I am feeling less full of cold I’m hoping to up my exercise. Anyone know if jogging pushchairs are any good?

Mother's Day

The last day of my gym membership was on Sunday so I turned down breakfast in bed to take Little swimming there for the last time. She was desperate to use her gifted Confidence swim jacket. It’s great that it helps her float, but she is still low enough in the water that it encourages a good swimming position (just a reminded as I am working with Konfidence this year I have an affiliate code which gives you 10% off on their website: AFFILIATE-4503-EC4RA-AAPD). I’ll miss having access to my local private gym, but it isn’t worth it unless I can go 3 or more times a week. 

Toddler wearing the Konfidence Swimming jacket swimming aid

The rest of Mother's Day was pretty much like any day. With Baby Boy so dependent on me there isn't really the option to have a break. We got a little house work done, I had a nap because I had been awake half the night coughing and I made dinner far too late because we were confused about what time it was thanks to the clock change. A quiet day to end a quiet week.

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