Review: Peppa Pig's Big Red Car, A Toy For Preschoolers (AD Gifted)

Three and a half years old and my youngest daughter's love for Peppa Pig is still strong so she was excited to receive Peppa’s Big Red Car to review. The car is a great toy for Peppa Pig fans who want to take Peppa and Mummy Pig on an adventure. They are all set for a picnic on a sunny day, but what will happen and who will they meet along the way?

Showing Peppa's Big Red Car Toy with the Boot open showing the contents

Peppa Pig's Big Red Car Review

In the box you get:

  • Mummy Pig and Peppa Pig, both in floral summer dresses and Mummy Pig has a removable yellow sun hat too. 
  • A push along red open top car with a boot you can open and close and a steering wheel which makes noises when pressed (beep beep, the noise of a car starting and a musical tune which will be very familiar to everyone in the household). The car needs 2 x AAA batteries for the sounds, but they are handily included.
  • There is also a plastic picnic table/ blanket, a picnic basket, barbecue, a bottle and two plates of food. In fact the only thing missing is those ducks that always seem to turn up when there is a picnic. Handily, both for storage purposes and their adventures the car has a big boot so it can all fit inside. No chance Daddy Pig is going to forget the picnic this time, he's not even invited!
  • The packaging is well design to keep everything visible in the shops, but you can get it all out without scissors (or a screwdriver which seems to be a growing trend).

The contents of the box laid out: mummy pig in hat and floral dress, peppa pig in a red dress with a flower on, picnic blanket, bottle, 2 plates of food, barbecue, picnic hamper and red open top car

The car has 4 seats: the 2 in the back fit small characters and the front seats fit adult or child characters. It’s only Mummy Pig and Peppa who are included, but if you have some of the other Peppa Pig toys from Character Group then those characters fit in too which is handy as there are two spare seats. This is why Madame Gazelle and Candy Cat happened to be going with Peppa Pig for a girls day out (we bought the school set years ago).

Close up side view of the car with mummy pig about to be lifted out by a child's hand

Putting mummy pig's sun hat in the boot of the Peppa Pig toy car

Madame Gazelle and Candy Cat join Mummy and Peppa Pig to go on an adventure in the big red car
Madame Gazelle and Candy Cat are from a separate playset

Imaginative Play with Peppa Pig's Big Red Car

Little is great at making up stories and going on adventures with her toys. Like most children she seeks inspiration from the world around her and what she has seen, including TV shows. This makes the Peppa Pig toys perfect because she can start the toys on a journey based on what she has seen and then see where her imagination takes her. The Pig family do love a picnic so there are lots of ideas for how to get started from the TV programme.

So far Peppa and Mummy Pig have gone camping, to a festival, out for a picnic in the countryside and it started raining (but it was ok because they found a giant umbrella to eat under) and for a long drive around the living room before stopping on sofa hill. Why are the hills where Peppa Pig lives always so steep?

Peppa’s Big Red Car is a great way to fuel the imagination of Peppa Pig fans and as a mum I love that it can store all the smaller pieces inside to stop them getting lost. It's a great addition which will encourage lots of play in preschoolers.

Setting up the picnic

close up of Mummy next to the picnic and spilt bottle of water

putting peppa pig in her toy car

Toddler hands pushing the big red car along on grass

Mummy pig is having another picnic, her hat is hiding under the blanket

***Disclosure: We were sent Peppa’s Big Red Car for honest review. It is available from Smyths Toys for £24.99. Suitable for age 3 and up due to the size of some of the parts.***

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Peppa's Big Red Car Plastic Toy in the packaging on a picnic blanket

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