Review: Smasher Dino Epic Egg Series 3 (Gifted)

Combining dinosaurs, collectables, a blind bag experience and slime the Smashers Epic Dino Egg from Zuru is certain to be a hit with children. With the promise that my daughter could slime, fizz and smash her way to uncover one of 3 exclusive Smash-o-saurs she was pretty excited. Smashers and the Epic Dino Egg are suitable for age 5 and upwards and my nearly 8 year old is loving playing with them. 

A girl showing 6 orange Smashers eggs and surrounded by the contents of the Epic Dino Egg including the egg shell, ice age putty, fizzy lava, glowing slime, dino dirt and fossil rock

My daughter seemed a little bit attached to the egg; stroking it and singing to it as we looked after it carefully in the run up to the official launch date on 12th July. The attachment went quickly enough though as she peeled off the outer layers of wrapping and gleefully smashed the large egg open.

Close up of opening the outer layer of Smasher Epic Dino Egg to review

What is in Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg?

Inside the Epic Dino Egg shell (which can be reassembled to store everything) there is a “yolk bag” containing 5 compounds which reveal hidden dinosaur bones as well as 6 of the normal size Smasher eggs, a digging tool, map and rebuilding tool which add up to make “25 surprises”.

Child holding the plastic large egg shell ready to smash

Scratching off a panel on the Smashers map

Following the instructions to build the smash-o-saur dinosaur after finding all the pieces in the Smashers Egg

Smashers Epic Dino Egg Review

You need to go through a series of activities to break the bones free of the compounds and build one of 3 Smash-o-saurs. We got the Twisted Tyrannosaurus-Rex, but there is also a Brachiosaurus and Triceratops available. The compounds are all popular activities with children right now eg slime, putty and modelling sands.

The compounds hiding the Smash-o-saur bones:
Fizzy Lava: A fizzing volcano, a bit like a bath bomb, but I'm pretty sure it's not designed for washing in. We filled a plastic box with water and watched it fizz bright orange to reveal the bones. The water ends up being very orange so make sure you have something to wipe hands clean with.
Ice Age Putty: A plastic egg with transparent blue glittery putty inside. The putty is in a plastic bag, but afterwards it can be kept in it's egg to keep it mouldable
Glowing Slime: The glowing green coloured slime is in a resealable bag to keep it safe for future playing with.
Fossil Rock: A solid block of "stone" which you can excavate with the digging tool to reveal the bones. Once completed the dust like remains need to be discarded.
Dino Dirt: Yellow sand which sticks together and can be squeezed into shapes. It comes in a resealable bag.

I didn’t feel the map added any value, although my daughter found the scratch off panels fun and it has a list of all the characters you can collect in the series 3 of Smashers on the reverse.

When we had collected all the bones together it was easy to assemble the Smash-o-saur following the instructions and my daughter had fun playing with it as well as smashing all the “baby eggs”. 

Holding up the Fizzy Lava packaging

Watching the fizzy lava fizz and dissolve in water in a tupperware container

Holding up a foot plastic bone from the dissolved lava

Opening the ice age putty egg with blue sparkly putty inside

Getting the bone pieces out of the Ice Age Putty

Opening the glowing slime packet from the Smashers egg showing slime and bone fragments

Pulling out a piece of back bone and ribs from the slime in the Zuru Epic Dino Egg

Smashing up the dino rock to reveal bones

Yellow dino dirt with a dinosaur head visible

The instructions to put together the dinosaur and putting it together

Putting the smash-o-saur together

Playing the Epic Dino Egg Smash-O-saur toy

The “baby eggs” are actually the normal size Smasher eggs and you get 6 of them inside the epic large egg. Fingers crossed you will get a rare or ultra rare character inside. If you aren’t familiar with Smashers one of the great thing about these collectables is the ball or egg they are in can be rebuilt allowing them to be smashed over and over again. Smashers are now on series 3 with their collection of over 100 dino’s to collect (previous series were sports and gross).  Handily the Epic Dino Egg has a rebuilder inside for the normal size eggs which looks like a little nest and makes it so much easier to rebuild them, by which I mean my 7 year old can rebuild them using it whereas I couldn’t manage it at all without it. There are lots of different pack sizes you can buy Smashers in to add to your collection.

With lots of activities inside the Epic Dino Egg both the initial and short to medium term playability is good. I would recommend the Epic Egg is smashed in an area that’s easy to clean (we chose an upside down picnic blanket in the garden) because the Fizzy Lava, fine powder from Fossil Rock, slime and putty all have the potential to make a bit of a mess, but let's face it just adds to the fun for children.

As big dinosaur fans we love series 3 of Smashers and the Epic Dino Egg makes a great addition to the range. It is good that most of it can be played with over and over again including the slime, putty and sand and Smasher eggs. 

The dinosaur, a smasher dino egg and the assembling tool, next to the remains of the epic dino egg

The Smashers Epic Dino Egg retails at RRP: £24.99, is suitable for ages 5+ and is available at Smyths, The Entertainer, Argos, Tesco, Asda, B&M, SAINSBURY'S Supermarket and all the major retailers.

Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg ready to review

***Disclosure: we were sent the Smashers Series 3 Epic Dino Egg and some other Smasher packs for the purpose of this review***
Smashers Series 3 packs and Epic Dino Egg

What's in the Smashers series 3 epic dino egg review and picture of egg

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