7 Tips To Help You Move Abroad Stress Free With Children

(AD Guest Post) Ever dreamt of moving abroad but didn’t feel ready to do it with kids?

Maybe you’ve turned down hot job opportunities abroad because you were worried your children would be homesick. 

Or, you’ve put off becoming a digital nomad to avoid having to sell your house to emigrate in case the kids will miss it. 

Sure, relocating to a new country is a big deal.

But remember kids are pretty adaptable. 

So, if you’re thinking of taking the plunge then stick the house on the market and don’t put it off for any longer. 

View out of an aeroplane window towards islands and sea and blue sky

Here are seven tips to help you successfully move abroad with the kids’ in tow.

Tip 1 Tell them what’s happening 

If they’re old enough, tell them why you’re moving. Encourage them to ask you questions.  Find out how they’re feeling. Are they scared about anything specific like flying or are they worried they’ll miss their friends? 

Focus on the positives. Like how great it will be living closer to family, spending more time outside, visiting interesting new cultures. 

Tip 2 Help your kids to imagine what it will be like

For instance, If you’re moving from the UK to Australia, you can tell them the weather will be warmer and there will be new and different animals.

You can talk about your new house. Will it be bigger? Will they have their own bedroom for the first time? Show them photos too as this will help them imagine living there. 

Plan exciting new things you can together too.  This could be anything from going to watch a live sports game or a music festival to adventuring in the jungle.  

Tip 3 Find out interesting facts

There are lots of things you can research together to start painting a picture of what life might be like when you move. For instance: 

  • Do they speak a different language in the country you’re moving to? If yes, maybe you could organise online language classes for you and your kids. 
  • What’s it’s history?
  • Does it have a cold or warm climate? 
  • What are fun things you can do there that you can’t do at home like go to the beach all year round, or go canoeing or snowboarding?

Tip 4 Write a to-do list with your kids

If your kids are a bit older, you can write a to-do list together. For example:
  • Collect friends’ home addresses and emails.
  • Choose favourite books and toys to go in their travel bag.
  • Organise good-bye playdates or a party.

Tip 5 Get social 

The internet is a great way to find out what’s happening somewhere. Especially when you’re moving to a new country this can be a great way to connect with likeminded people. 

Join local community forums, parents groups, ex-pat groups, world schoolers and nomad parents. These are great places to pick up insider tips, learn more about the country you’re moving to, and even organise play dates for your kids before you’ve even arrived. 

Tip 6 Pack comfort items  

Clearly label a bag or box that has your kid’s favourite things, so they reach it easily while you’re travelling or be able to unpack it immediately. Include familiar reminders of their home like framed family photos, favourite blanket or stuffed toys to help them feel more settled. 

Tip 7 Stick to your routine

This is particularly essential if you’re moving with a baby, but older kids benefit from a level of consistency too. So, keep your mealtime and bedtime routines the same throughout the process. This will also help if you’re moving to a new time zone. 

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