Review: Fun Family Gift Ideas from Ginger Fox

It’s December and I am feeling Christmassy. I love going out and seeing all the Christmas lights, going shopping and seeing shows, but I also love cozy long days at home, staying in PJs and playing games with a hot cuppa. Ginger Fox have helped me find that special Christmas feeling by sending my family a box of games which would make great gifts.

Bump This!, Space Dash, University Challenge card game, Mince Spies and a Celebri Dogs Mug surrounded by gold tinsel and Christmas lights
Gift ideas from Ginger Fox

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We have been sent: Bump This!, Space Dash, University Challenge card game, Mince Spies and a Celebri Dogs Mug. They are perfect for lazy Sundays, family gatherings and Christmas afternoon (you know, while everyone is so full of Christmas dinner they can hardly move).

Ginger Fox Gift Ideas and Game Review 

University Challenge Card Game

Fans of the TV programme will love this game designed for 3 teams. Each team takes it in turns to be the host and just like in the TV show the team which gets the starter question right first then has the chance to answer bonus questions. The game concept is really easy to pick up, that doesn’t make it easy to win though

Recommended for age 14 plus this card game is HARD. I’ve been to university, although I’m not very good at quizzes and when I looked through these questions I could only answer 1 of the starter questions I saw. This is a game for people that really know their stuff, I’m looking forward to challenging my Dad at Christmas.

University Challenge Card Game in it's box with cards visible on a red background with Christmas lights
University Challenge Card Game

Bump This!

A great party game Bump This! is recommended for age 8 plus and 2 or more players, but could be played with a big group. The game involves passing a sequence of actions along a line of people, adding a new action each time. When someone hesitates or gets the sequence wrong that player is eliminated and a new sequence is started. 

To create the sequence the first player takes 2 cards from the deck, turns to the player on their left and says the name of the actions while acting them out. The cards then go upside down in order in the middle of the table and each player adds an action until a mistake is made. 

Two people holding hands as "the deal maker" card from Bump This! is visible
Playing Bump This!

Space Dash Card Game

This card game is a bit like a fast paced, multi player game of patience. It is recommended for age 8 plus, but younger children would be able to play it as long as they are confident with their counting. 

3 to 6 players can join in, each of whom get a pack of 20 cards and the aim of the game is to get rid of all of yours by building a “launch sequence”. A launch sequence is a set of 5 cards going from 5 to 1 which are collected in the middle of the table. Playing in a similar way to patience everyone needs to try and clear their cards to build the launch sequences as quickly as possible. Ok that might be a confusing explanation, but if you are familiar with patience you will find it really easy to pick up. It’s fun and fast paced making it a great family game. 

An 8 year old in Christmas PJs reading the instructions for space dash while sitting on a sofa
Learning how to play Space Dash

Mince Spies

This game is a pack of 12 coasters which has a picture of a mince pie on one side and a mission on the other side. Perfect for dinner parties, hand each guest a card when they arrive and see who can complete their challenge without getting caught. It’s hard to give you an idea of the missions without giving the game away, but they include things like mentioning a particular thing repeatedly in conversation or doing a particular action repeatedly. Some of the challenges made me laugh and people trying to complete them subtly is even funnier. I love this game.  

a sample card from Mince Spies coaster challenge game perfect for Christmas parties
Mince Spies - can you complete your mission?

Celebri Dogs Mug

Who doesn’t love a  good mug? Well this mug from Ginger Fox is perfect for Dog and celebrity lovers combining the 2 with pictures of dogs called things like: Dave Growl and Catherine Zeta-Bones.

A mug with dogs with props and names like Will Sniff
The Celebri Dogs Mug

You can find these games and more in the Ginger Fox Amazon Store (affiliate link).

***Disclosure: These items were sent to me for review. All thoughts expressed are my own.***

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