My Children Don't Sleep and Dreamtex Kid's Duvet Review

If there is one thing that can make me instantly warm to another person it’s them sharing their children keep them awake at night. My children have never slept through the night as babies and we have always taken a very gentle approach to getting them to sleep, even when we followed the advice of a sleep consultant. It’s probably why most nights at the moment my youngest two children spend more time sleeping in my bed than my partner does. I know it won’t always be this way though. How do I know? Because of my 8 year old.

An IKEA Kura mid sleeper bed with Dreamtex children's bedding on (a National Geographic sea creatures design on the top bunk and PJ Masks on the bottom bunk)

My 8 year old sleeps well. I send her upstairs, she reads on her Kindle for a bit and when I go to kiss her goodnight she is sometimes already asleep. On school days I usually have to wake her up in the morning. I said this to someone recently and that night I was up with her because she was being sick, but normally she sleeps well. It wasn’t always that way; a quick search on this blog for posts about sleep reveals complaining about tiredness is a common theme and there is even a post from 2016 where I complain about my 4 year old not sleepingYet sometime between then and now we got it sorted.

My 3 year old started sleeping through at some point as well, it was just getting her to sleep that was a problem. She still wants someone to lie with her while she falls asleep, but recently we have a problem with night waking too. She has developed a fear of the dark so at some point most nights she wants to come into our bed because she is scared. Some days we manage to persuade her back into her room and her Dad will lie next to her while she falls back to sleep. Most days he also falls asleep and I don’t see him again until morning.

Baby Boy slept through the night a handful of times in August, but since then it’s not been going so well. I am lucky if I get a 3 hour stretch before I am required. Even if I do get him back to sleep in his cot he’ll tend to wake up an hour later so I normally choose the easiest and warmest option and bring him into our bed.

Dreamtex Children's Duvet Covers Review

My children might not like to sleep in their beds, but they love to play in them during the day. My daughters share a small room which I’ve never managed to decorate, mainly because I can’t decide on a theme. We put up wall stickers once, but Little decided to peel them all down so the small amount of the walls that are visible are bare. 

The only decoration really in the room comes from the girls' bedding so it’s important that it reflects their personalities. Dreamtex recently sent us some of their duvet covers and the girls absolutely love them.

The Dreamtex PJ Masks and National Geographic kids bedding in packaging.

PJ Masks Duvet Set

Little was sent a PJ Masks duvet set which consists of a single duvet cover and a pillow cover. Both girls are big fans of the show and Little loves to pretend to be Gecko. She has various toys as well as a Gecko t-shirt and if I want her to do something asking her to use her “Gecko muscles” is normally a reliable way. It’s no surprise that the PJ Masks duvet set has become her favourite, it even came on holiday with us. 

On one side it has a large image of the 3 main characters (Gecko, Owlet and Catboy) as well as the message “Time to save the day” and on the other side there is a smaller print with the 3 main characters and various words and phrases. If you have a PJ Masks fan check out the Catboy car duvet cover too (affiliate link) which is so cool, but wouldn't work on Little's bed because her mattress is on the floor.

Child in a bed with PJ Masks duvet and pillow cover playing with a gecko toy

Child in bed with PJ Masks duvet set showing the underside

National Geographic Kid's Save Our Ocean Duvet Set

Dreamtex have National Geographic duvet sets in a range of designs and some come in double size too! The design we were sent is about the oceans and the most exciting thing for me is that each set is made from up to 12 recycled plastic bottles! This seems like a great way to recycle. Comparing this duvet cover and the PJ Masks one there is no obvious difference in how they feel or wash.

My eldest loved the Oceans duvet cover straight away because it has facts on. It is also a nice design that isn't too childish and has various sea creatures on including jellyfish which glow in the dark. On the underside is a different design with multiple small images on and facts.

National Geographic Kid's Duvet cover on a single bed showing a shark, jelly fish and turtle
National Geographic Kid's Duvet Cover

A close up showing the underneath of the National Geographic duvet cover
Underside of the Save Our Oceans Duvet Cover

Happy child enjoying her new duvet cover too much to stay still for a photo

Dreamtex do a huge range of character and licensed bedding, you can see the range on the Dreamtex website.

***Disclosure: We were sent the duvet covers for review. All thoughts are our own.***

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