Bounty packs: What is in Them? How To Get Them?

(AD) Bounty aims to advise and inform new parents and parents to be on what they need to know during pregnancy and beyond. They have a useful app full of information as well as 3 Bounty packs with freebies you can claim, but why is it worth signing up to Bounty, how do you get the Bounty packs and what is in them?

A baby sitting on a sofa holding a Bounty Buying Guide and sitting between a Bounty Mum-To-Be pack and Newborn pack

It is inevitable that when you have a baby you are going to need to buy a lot of things and it can be tough making choices about what to get. I have previously written about what to buy when you are having a baby, but the decision of which exact products to buy from nappies and wipes to car seats is challenging. You’ll also find that lots of companies want your details so they can send you targeted information about what they think you need. This might not be for you, but I’ve always been of the view that the more informed I can be the better decisions I make.

Why Is It Worth Signing Up To Bounty?

Bounty have a free app you can download to register with them. Through the app you can get your Mum-to-be Bounty pack, lots of discount vouchers as well as week by week updates on what is happening during your pregnancy and baby journey. You can even record information about your hospital appointments and the amount your baby sleeps!

Being able to try before you buy or save money through the discounts on items you are going to buy anyway is really helpful at this potentially expensive time.

You can download the Bounty app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

How Do You Get Bounty Packs?

The first Bounty pack is available from your midwife and the third pack; the newborn pack, is available from the Bounty lady who visits the post natal ward in hospital. Whether you receive these packs will depend on policies at your local trusts and if you give birth in hospital (funnily enough there was no Bounty lady in my front room after my home birth!).

The Mum-to-be Bounty pack can be collected from Asda, Boots or Tesco when you have downloaded the app. You can find it on the Free Stuff tab of the app, select where you want to pick it up from and then you have 20 minutes to collect it. I would recommend visiting the store, checking they have some available and then pressing the button. You can cancel it and pick it up another time if there are any problems though.

A plastic bag with bounty Mum-to-be Pack on it next to an iphone open on the Bounty app ready to claim a pack
Claim the Bounty Mum-to-be Pack through the Bounty app

What’s In the Mum-To-Be Bounty Pack?

The Mum-to-be packs vary slightly depending on where you pick them up from and over time, but the sample packs I was sent had:
A mini pot of sudocrem: this is a thick white cream that can be used to treat nappy rash, it can also be used for treating various other minor skin ailments. The little pot is super cute and perfect for popping in your changing bag. Includes money off vouchers too.
Sachets of Persil Non-Bio detergent and Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner with a £2 off voucher if you buy them together. As a mum I seem to spend a lot of time washing clothes so this freebie will be the first to be used. It is a great way to see if you like the smell of the products and how they make the clothes feel after washing.
Nappies: Each pack comes with a newborn nappies pack which is the perfect size for your hospital bag. The type of nappies will vary depending on where you get your pack from with each store putting their own brand in for instance at Tesco you get a 25 pack of Florence and Fred nappies, at Asda a 24 pack of Little Angels. All nappies are not created equal and these small packs will give you a good idea about if you like the fit, style, feel and shape of the nappies. Even if you want to use cloth nappies having the back up of disposables in hospital and in the early days when newborns seem to do a poo every time you put a clean nappy on is a good idea.
Bounty Buying Guide: This guide is a handy way to browse through the items you might want to buy for your baby. It gives helpful tips of what to think about before buying and includes many of the newer products available which you might not be aware of even if you aren’t a first time mum. It includes the RRP as well as information about different items so it is a great way to work out your budget and to decide what you want.
The range of products in the guide is good and each section starts with some advice on how to choose what you want. I’ve read a lot of lists and recommendations about what to buy for babies over the years and sometimes I am baffled about the essentials they recommend. The Bounty pack Buying Guide provides helpful and balanced information without the inevitable commercial aspect totally taking over.
In the Asda Bounty pack I also got: a small packet of baby wipes and a size 0-3 baby vest. 

The contents of the Bounty packs from Tesco and Asda side by side with a scan photo in between. Both packs include nappies, a buying guide, sachets of washing liquid, sudocrem, but Asda includes a small packet of wipes and a baby vest too.
The contents of the Bounty Mum-to-be Pack from Tesco and Asda (scan photo not included)

An A5 magazine open at a page showing a selection of baby carriers and a car seat guide
The Bounty Buying Guide comes in the Mum-to-be pack

What’s In The Newborn Bounty Pack

If you pick up the Newborn Bounty Pack while you are in hospital you will get: some Pampers size one nappies, Huggies wipes, a little pot of Sudocrem and a sample of Ddrops (vitamin D drops for babies). There are also quite a few leaflets in here including adverts you might be interested in, a form to claim child benefit, a guide to your data privacy with Bounty and most importantly leaflets from Meningitis Now and The UK Sepsis Trust with information of how to identify these 2 life threatening illnesses. These packs go out to 45,000 new mums every week playing a big role in making sure all parents know the potentially life saving information.

You can download the child benefit form if you miss out on getting a Bounty pack, but it’s handy to have it already printed out and with an envelope.  

A flat lay of the contents of the Bounty Newborn pack with lots of new baby welcome cards in the background
The Bounty Newborn Pack contents (welcome baby cards from friends and family not included)

A photo of charity leaflets in the Newborn bounty pack giving advice on how to identify Sepside and Meningitis
Essential information leaflets for all parents found in the Bounty Newborn pack
If you are having your first baby and trying to decide which products you are going to use then you might find it helpful to register with Bounty, download the app and pick up your Mum-to-be Pack.

***Disclosure: This post is a paid post, I received a sample of the Bounty Packs to review them. I claimed Bounty packs with my first pregnancy and birth***


  1. The same Bounty who where fined £400k for selling all our data?

    1. Yes, and obviously there is no secret about that. I also don't believe there is any suggestion that they are breaching data protection now, in fact they probably have to be even more clear and up front about what they will do with people's data because I imagine the ICO is watching carefully. It's why they include a leaflet on data privacy in the mum-to-be pack

  2. Guess that makes it ok then. They are also, awful employers and have another issue or two


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