A Reminder That Life Is Short

Last Monday I was browsing Facebook and spent the next couple of hours watching updates come in on the local Facebook group about a car that had driven into children on the pavement outside our local high school. A high school that is next door to the nursery my eldest went to for 4 years, a high school that is down the road from my daughter’s school, a high school that my eldest goes to for events a couple of times a year. 

A rough field with a dead tree in it on a frosty, misty morning

I watched as the news came in that there were children hurt, that one child had CPR performed and later on the news that a boy had died. I watched the comments pour in from my community, a community that has continued to pull together to raise money, organise events and provide support for all of those affected. It’s a story that made national news, but for us it was very close to home. 

There is no reason to believe there was more than one solitary man involved. A man who has been arrested. Yet I’m still making my children walk closer to me on the school run. I still felt horror initially when the school told us her class will be walking to a nearby location this week for a Christmas event. There is no reason that my children should be any less safe than they were before this incident, but it doesn’t feel that way. And I’m not alone, more parents have been driving their children to and from school this week and staff and police have provided an increased presence for reassurance. Children are being offered counselling, not just in the High School but in my daughter’s school too. 

I can’t even bare to think in any significant way about how the family of Harley, a 12 year old boy who won’t be coming home, feel.

While my community mourns it was strange that last week I went to a funeral, a fortunately uncommon event in my life so far. My aunt recently died unexpectedly, but of natural causes. She wasn’t old and you don’t really expect people that age to die. Shouldn’t it just be the old? Those that have had the chance to live a full life?

It was lovely to see my cousins, sister, parents and other aunt, but I can’t help wonder what my Uncle does now. 

A orange pink and purple sunset

What happens next for those left behind? As time passes I worry more about losing those I love. The people who would leave huge holes in my life. I have no control over how long I get to keep them with me for, but I do get a say on my relationship with them while they (and I) am here.

I am trying harder to be more patient with my children, to shout less. I want to be more positive and be someone people like to be with and talk to. I am trying harder to share the best sides of me, rather than the worst. It might take me a while, but I want to be the best me.


  1. I am so sorry. Life is short and things like this make you realise it. Sometimes life is too short and it's unfair. Sending love and hugs! x


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