Halloween Decor From UK Small Businesses

It's nearly Halloween, and this year it is likely to be spookier than ever with lots of brilliant local half term activities and then Trick or Treating or a Halloween Hunt after school on the Monday. If you want to get in the spirit then check out these great decorations and accessories from UK based Etsy sellers. Remember to buy early as small businesses may take a little longer to despatch products than big companies, but every one of these sellers will appreciate your business.

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A carved pumpkin showing a witch illustrating a post about small business halloween decorations and accessories
Support small UK businesses this Halloween

Get Into The Halloween Mood With Halloween Decor From Small UK Businesses

Cauldron Bath Bombs

Not only are these fun scented bath bombs that fizz over like a bubbling cauldron, but you can use the cauldron afterwards for a decoration too. These look really fun and are definitely more treat than trick.

Cauldron Bath Bombs with halloween toys from RachelsBathTubTreat on Etsy
Cauldron Bath Bomb from RachelsBathTubTreat on Etsy

Halloween Tea Light Set

Not feeling Halloween yet? Why not get nostalgic with these Halloween scented tea lights? This set from WaxyWix comes in a set or 8 or 12 and includes scents like pumpkin spice, roasted marshmallow and Witches' brew. The tea light cups are recyclable and candles are decorated with petals and biodegradable glitter.

A box of tealights in different colours in red and black cardboard boxes
Halloween Tea Lights from WaxyWix on Etsy

Halloween Potpourri

If candles aren't a wise option in your house due to little people or pets then how about creating a Halloween aroma around the home with this Halloween Potpourri?  Infused with orange, frankincense and cinnamon essential oils the potpourri comes in a halloween themed hessian bag which can be hung around the home.

A small purple hessian bag with a witch printed on it next to some halloween potpourri
Halloween Potpourri from Ceruleanwitch on Etsy

Halloween Decorations from UK Etsy Sellers

Happy Halloween Bunting

I love a bit of bunting and we had fun making our own Halloween bunting last year, but if you aren't feeling crafty or you are short on time then buying one made by someone else is a great option. This mini bunting is a fun addition to your decorations, but is small enough you can put it up anywhere.

A string of bunting saying Happy Halloween with pom poms between each letter
Mini Halloween Bunting by Framed by Julie J on Etsy

Spooky Black Bunting

If you want your bunting normal size what about this fun design with different fabrics in halloween colours. You pay per metre so you can choose the perfect length for your home.  This is a design I would love to put up year after year. 

Halloween Bunting image by MamaMayDew2 on Etsy
Reusable Halloween Fabric Bunting from Mama May Dew 2

Halloween Wreath

Wreaths are no longer just a Christmas thing and this Halloween rag wreath will make a great addition to your door. The seller has a range of wreath's available in different colours so if this one is sold check out some of her other ones. You can even add battery operated fairy lights to give it a spooky glow.

BeMeVintage Halloween Rag Wreath from Etsy

Halloween Window Decals

Another super easy way to decorate your house is window decals. I love window stickers because they are so easy, but look really great. You can apply these individual stickers in a layout of your choice to fit your window and then peel them off once Halloween is over. They also work really well on mirrors.

A window with white halloween window stickers in the shape of bats and pumpkins
Halloween window decals by HalfstarUK on Etsy

Bat Mobile

I love this bat mobile which looks like a whole colony of bats flying around. The sparkles will catch the light making them pretty spooky in a dark corner. 

A sparkly black bat mobile
Sparkly Black Bat mobile from BakingTimeClub and others

Hanging Decorations

Who says trees are just for Christmas? A great Halloween decoration is a bare branch which you can hang spooky or cute finds from. These Halloween hanging decorations are too cute to be spooky, but are a lovely idea for a family Halloween. Check out the rest of their shop for other gorgeous designs.

Super cute halloween tree decorations from littlemaxandmi on etsy
Tree ornaments for Halloween by Little Max and Mi

And Finally Halloween Accessories for You

If you don't want to go for a full halloween costume or you want to add Halloween into your outfits in the run up to the end of October how about these finds...

Pumpkin Necklace

This cute little pumpkin necklace is perfect for wearing all Autumn and not just for Halloween.

Polymer clay pumpkin necklace pendants from Gizzys gifts on Etsy
Handmade Polymer Clay Pumpkin Necklaces by Gizzys Gifts on Etsy

Crochet Pumpkins Hats

If you are visiting a pumpkin patch this Halloween how about taking a family of pumpkins with you? This Etsy seller crochet's pumpkin hats in sizes from baby to adult which are the perfect way to keep warm.

Crochet pumpkin hats in orange and green in a baby and adult size
Crochet pumpkin hats by Teenylittlestiches on Etsy

Halloween Hairbows

Finally why not finish any Halloween outfit off with these sparkly hairclips in Halloween Colours and shapes?

black and purple glitter halloween hairclips from donnas bows on etsy
Cute bows finish off any Halloween outfit (from Donnas Bows UK)

For more ideas of Halloween products check out these Etsy Editors Halloween picks.

***Disclosure: These items are all selected from Etsy and linked to using affiliate links. I might receive a commission if you click through the links and make a purchase.***

Etsy Halloween round up: Decorations and accessories
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  1. I am just getting into using Etsy, they have some fab stuff on there. I love those tea lights and the bunting is so cute. x

    1. I have bought so many amazing things on Etsy over the years. There are so many creative people out there, although sometimes there is so much choice it can be overwhelming


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