How To Take Care Of Your Bike In A Small Space

Collaborative post by another author. Those living in a city apartment often choose to forgo having a car due to the extra costs of storing it, such as paying for a parking permit and higher insurance premiums caused by increased crime in the area and the higher frequency of accidents. Alongside this, the availability of public transport in cities like London as well as the number of cycleways around the city make bikes a great option for getting around town. However, one downside to this is that you have to find somewhere safe to store your bike, which often means inside your home. Here are some useful tips on storing your bike in a small space.

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Choose A Compact Model

Your first option when deciding to get a bike in an area such as London is to opt for one that doesn’t take up a whole lot of room. Certain models are designed to be compact so that they don’t take up a huge amount of room compared to others. Consider the space you have at home when choosing your model of bike. It’s also worthwhile considering more niche models that are perfect for the urban commuter, such as foldable bikes, which are easy to pack away and carry at certain points of your journey, they are even allowed on the Tube, as well as being easy to store when you return home.

Consider Wall Mounting

If you don’t have a foldable bike and are also uneasy about leaving your bike outside overnight in a bike shed, then you’ll have to find another way to store it without it being in the way all the time. If it’s just you that lives there, having your bike take up space in your hallway might not be so much of a big deal, but once you add multiple people or children to a flat, the place will naturally feel smaller. This is where you could instead consider using a wall fixture to store your bike. Wall mounts are a great way to pick your bike up and out of the way of your front door, and it also turns your bike into a quirky piece of d├ęcor.

Outside Storage

If you have your own house in the city, with a small private outdoor area, this can be ideal for your bike. You could make your own dedicated area for keeping your bike secure and create a space for you to clean it and conduct regular maintenance. You could build your own small bike storage shed using quality materials to keep it safe from bad weather. You should consider corrapol PVC as well as other sturdy and weather-resistant materials so that you can be sure your bike won’t be at risk of developing rust and water damage due to rain and frost.

Make Use Of Security

Having a bike shed is great, but remember that in urban areas, crime is generally higher, which means that even a bike shed on private property could be a target for thieves. Make sure you implement proper outdoor security systems as well as a sturdy lock on your bike shed if you have one. Outdoor security lights can be a good option for deterring thieves and obvious cameras they’ll spot if they enter the garden. If you are leaving your bike outside for any period of time, you’ll also want to invest in a very strong and sturdy bike lock that is resistant to tools like bolt cutters.

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