Review- New Mouse In The House Toys and Webisodes

(AD) Character Options have launched a new toy collection and accompanying YouTube series. We got a sneak preview of the first webisode and some of the toys so find out what we think after playing with them for a few weeks. It’s called Millie & Friends Mouse in the House, but don’t worry these cute creatures won’t cause you any trouble. 

A hand full of small plastic mice toys from Millie & Friend Mouse In The House range
Meet Millie, Shine, Pip, Beanz, Roo, Mouser, Daisy Doo, Bubbles and Berry: residents of Mouseville

Introducing Millie & Friends Mouse In The House

About the New Mouse in the House Webisodes

The YouTube series on Character Kidz Tv follows the adventures of Millie and Friends who live in Mouseville. Mouseville is a magical place behind the skirting board, filled with teeny tiny mice. The short webisodes which easily keep the attention of children share the story of 5 main characters:

Millie is brave and full of ideas. She is the leader of her gang and will always look out for others to make sure they are are safe and happy.

Scratch is Millie’s younger brother, but he desperately wants to be his own mouse. Unfortunately he keeps falling into trouble and has to be rescued by his sister.

Sparkle’s loves to wear, talk and even dream of clothes. She is all about style and is often followed by camera crew.

Shine is Sparkle’s sister. She is a super sporty mouse who loves to be on the go. You might spot her up early and driving around Mouseville on her loud moped or looking for someone to play her favourite sport with: football.

Pip is happy to be the baby of the group. She is a real homebody who is a great chef and loves to sleep.

You can watch Mouse in the house on Character Kidz TV YouTube here.

siblings watching mouse in the house webisode on character kidz tv youtube channel
Checking out Episode 1 of Millie & Friends, Mouse in the House

About the Mouse in the House Toy Range

This micro figure series contains lots of different mice to collect as well as various playsets. The toy range is suitable for age 3 and upwards, but as they do contain lots of small parts they are probably best suited for age 5 to 9. All the packs contain stickers (some of which glow in the dark) you can added to your skirting board to create your own Mouseville. The stickers claim to be reusable and they seem to peel off pretty easily, but it will depend on the surface.

A sticker sheet with mouse and cheese related town stickers
Each Mouse in the House set comes with a sticker sheet to create your own Mouseville

The Mouse In the House playset range currently includes: the Slice of pie Pizzeria restaurant, a Pineapple juice bar, Croissant cafe, Red Apple School and the Stilton Hamper Hotel (which is the biggest set). All the playsets can be connected together in a street with bunting which is a cute feature. 

If you want more characters for play or your children just love the little mice you can also buy smaller sets with 2 or 5 mice in. These come in a variety of styles and each one contains a small mouse door as well as the stickers and mice. 

Close up of a child looking at a 2 pack of Mouse in the house mice received to review, containing Millie and Bubbles
You can get mice in sets of 2, 5 or in the Mouse in the house playsets

The mice figures all stand up on their hind legs and look more like people than mice in many ways. The figures are around 3 cms tall, although Pip (the baby one) is a little smaller. Their bodies are all in fixed positions and each one has a different outfit, hat, accessory or expression, these are painted on and can’t be changed.

Image taken from the back of a Mouse in the house toy showing all the Mouse in the house play sets set up against a skirting board
The Mouse in the House playsets are fun to play with individually or combined into a town

Review: Mouse In The House Pineapple Juice Bar Toy

We received the Pineapple Juice Bar which comes with a range of accessories, glow in the dark stickers and 3 exclusive mouse figures: Shine, Pip and Berry. There is everything included for the mice to hang out drinking juice and even a little loft room so any sleepy mouse (probably Pip) can have a nap.

You get a counter unit, 2 deckchairs, a sandwich board, a jar lid table, a parasol (which can go in the top of the pineapple bar or the table), 2 bottle top tables, bunting string and bunting sticker sheet.

The Pineapple Juice bar, like all the playsets has a flat back so you can put right next to the skirting board or wall. We don’t have a lot of accessible skirting boards in our house so we couldn’t get the full effect and couldn’t easily place the stickers, but this didn’t bother my children. You could easily have them on a shelf or in a box instead of next to the skirting boards.

There is nice attention to detail like the menu printed on the inside of the bar shutter and the bunting which clips onto the sides of the building, unfortunately if you only have one building you can’t use the bunting as there is nothing to clip the other end of the bunting string too. The playset has plenty to play with though so we think it would make a fun gift. Introduce children to the YouTube videos first to get them even more excited when they see the toys for the first time. 

The Mouse in the House Pineapple Juice Bar in the box
The Pineapple Juice Bar is one of the 5 playsets in the current Mouse in the House range

a 6 year old girl playing with Mouse in the house toys received for reveiw
A fun new toy range with a throughly modern Millie mouse

The collection of Millie & Friends Mouse in the house toys are available from Smyths Toys Superstore, Very and other toy shops. 

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