Easy Christmas Gifts for People You Wont See This Year

(AD) Christmas is such a magical time of year. I love the music on the radio, all the front gardens lit up with colourful lights, and the delicious treats filling the shops (and my tummy), but most of all I love the presents. I can happily spend hours looking for great gifts (it’s part of the reason I create gift guides each year), but I know some people want a one stop shop where they can get everything organised quickly. 

A cracker shaped box with text saying Shine Bright with 4 mini OPI Christmas nail lacquers from Moonpig
A Christmas selection of 4 mini OPI nail lacquers are in this Christmas Cracker Gift Set

Do you know what else I love at Christmas though? Getting presents. Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I was really excited to get some presents in the post from Moonpig recently. The bright packaging, the excitement of not knowing what was inside. I LOVE PRESENTS. If you are looking for a one stop shop for cards and gifts to be delivered straight to the people you love this year, then I know ordering from Moonpig will put a smile on their face, because it did mine.

True story: the Moonpig jingle will forever be imprinted in my mind from a long night at Glastonbury festival (in 2008 maybe?) when the people in the tent next to us thought it was hilarious to sing it all night long. It took me until 2011 to try the website out for myself and I have been buying cards from their regularly ever since. On a few occasions I have ordered some chocolate to be delivered to a friend too, but I had no idea just how wide a range of gifts Moonpig now have available. 

Sanctuary Spa Special Occasion Hamper spilling out of the round box on to a Christmas themed hamper
Moonpig has a range of gifts from beauty to food

I love the great range of personalised cards from Moonpig for Christmas, Birthdays and every other occasion you can think of.  I have been known to buy and write birthday cards and then carry them around in my bag for weeks until after the day in question so it’s pretty handy for me that Moonpig can send the cards direct to the recipient. Sometimes though you want to handwrite the message and you have that choice too by asking it to be sent to you with a spare envelope. You can even sort it all out in advance and choose a later delivery date so you can forget about it. But what happens when you want to send more than just a card? Rather than arranging your present separately and not knowing if the gift message will be included or if there will be a delivery slip with the price on you can order it all in one go from Moonpig. There is even an app to make it super easy.

a square willow basket with 5 packets of sweets and a birthday candle in a tin
Sweet Selection and Lily Flame candle

There is an absolutely huge range of Christmas gifts on Moonpig: hampers, cuddly toys, gift sets, boxes of chocolate, champagne, spirits, toys and more, even a 12 piece dining set! And that’s along side all their normal gifts like flowers (including bunches which fit through the letterbox), potted plants, balloons, gift experiences and personalised mugs.

If you want to send a gift to a loved one this Christmas Moonpig could massively simplify the process for you, although you might find you spend more time than you would expect checking out all the choices they have. You could take the easy option and select the category you are interested in eg go straight through the menus to Christmas Gifts and then Homeware Gifts and find the perfect “Magical Christmas Morning” Yankee Candle Gift Set, but I can never do things that easily. Don’t be Kate.

An easy to send Christmas gift

For an easy way to get gifts and cards to those you love this Christmas, check out Moonpig.

***Disclosure: all gifts featured in this gift guide were sent from Moonpig***

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