Online Classes With Kit Delivered To Your Door: ClassBento Launches In The UK

(AD - Gifted) Once upon a time I loved going to an evening class taster session (they make pretty good date nights) but it isn't an option for us at the moment thanks to childcare as much as COVID, but the world is adapting.  Australian company ClassBento has just launched in the UK with a whole range of online classes you can experience from home. Unlike most of the classes I hear about these are ones adults are going to want to do. 

Craft and activity classes for adults where the kit is sent to your door
Sign Up to Your Online Class and You Get Your Craft Kit of Materials Sent To You from ClassBento

ClassBento and Online Activity Classes for Adults 

ClassBento started in Australia in 2016. It is an artisan experience marketplace which connects people looking for new experiences with Australian and UK based artisans, creators and foodies. One of the parts I love is that you can add on craft kits so you get everything you need to take part in the class delivered to your door making it as simple as going to an actual class. More simple I guess because you don’t need to find childcare or travel there. It’s also fun to join in a live streaming class where you feel you are actually getting to be social with some one new and some of the classes are prerecorded so you have total flexibility on when to take part.

Loose leaf tea from eteaket from Edinburgh ready for a ClassBento tea tasting and mindfulness class
I received a box with 7 loose leaf teas and self-fill tea bags for the class

Tea Tasting Craft Box / Kit for Mindfulness Session

I was invited to a taster of the Tea Tasting and Mindfulness Session. This is lead by Erica Moore from eteaket. The company are Loose Leaf Tea Experts and run a Tea Room in Edinburgh too. You can purchase an optional box of tea to be sent to you so you can try them at the same time or just take the principles and use them with your favourite brew. The tea box I received had samples of 7 types of tea as well as 50 plastic free tea bags which can be filled with the loose leaf tea. The samples include: White Peach, Purple Rain Blue Tea, Chocolate Abyss and Orange Oolong Supreme. I definitely know more about tea now from the different types, how to tell if tea is fresh and how to brew it, but the class is about more than that.  

Eteaket are keen to encourage the development of mindfulness through a Tea In Mind System which can be focussed on for the few minutes while you are brewing a tea. The idea is that through your own Tea Routine you can build habits which calm your mind.  Whether it’s a white tea to encourage mindful drinking, a green tea for focussing on your vision or a Herb & Fruit tea to focus on learning.  Coming soon eteaket plan to launch tea (non alcoholic) cocktail classes which sound fun.

Online Craft And Activity Courses 

Tea not your thing? ClassBento have a huge range of classes like: Christmas Wreath decoration (the Whiskey Barrel hoops are gorgeous), baking, brush lettering, cocktail making and more. I love that you can get the kit sent to you in time for the live streams so you can have a proper hands on session.

Not only are these classes great to join in with, but you are supporting small businesses who have had to reduce or stop their normal classes due to lockdown and social distancing. And as a bonus ClassBento donate money to Dementia UK with every class purchase. 

If you heard people claiming how they had learnt something new in lockdown and all you learnt was you weren’t cut out for homeschooling then now is the time to make up for it. Check out ClassBento’s online UK class offering here.

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