Gifts for Baby's First Christmas and How To Make Christmas 2020 Special

(AD) 2020 has been a strange year and it looks like Christmas wont be quite the same as before, but if it’s your child’s first Christmas then you will want to make magical memories to remember it by. I have pulled together a collection of special gifts I think are perfect to buy for a baby's first Christmas and I'm also sharing some ideas on how to make Christmas 2020 one you remember for good reasons

Baby's First Christmas

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Gifts for a Special First Christmas

First Christmas Bauble

One of the most treasured gifts we received for my daughter's first Christmas was a special bauble. It had pride of place on the tree that first year, but admittedly wont be coming out again until my toddler is past the stage he wants to rearrange all the decorations and climb the tree. Every time I see it in my Christmas box it makes me smile thinking back to the first Christmas with children and I am looking forward to hanging it on our tree in the future.

This My First Christmas 2020 bauble is handpainted with an image of Father Christmas and Rudolph. I love the traditional colours and that it comes with a gift box to keep it safe.

My first Christmas 2020 red and white handpainted bauble
My First Christmas 2020 Bauble

Christmas Clothes

A special Christmas outfit is a must for a baby's first Christmas. They can be packed away in a memory box afterwards or given to friends so they aren't just used once. I like getting clothes like these Christmas Reindeer pyjamas to dress them in when they go to bed on Christmas Eve so they wake up all ready for the special day, and of course because it doesn't really matter what they sleep in you can keep using them for bedclothes in January. The fun striped and star shaped trousers can be worn at any time. They are available in sizes from 3-6 months to 3 to 4 years.

Pyjamas for babies from Mama and Papas with a red top with a reindeer face on and red and white striped trousers with a red star on the knees
Christmas Reindeer Pyjamas for babies and toddlers

A Rocking Horse

This small and soft rocking horse is suitable from 12 months, but as long as your baby can support their neck you can very gentle hold them on it and rock carefully. As they become confident sitters toward their first birthday they will be able to use it more independently and they will have lots of fun with it on their own when they are 1. See if they can find the bell and rattles in the horses ear. Even when not in use it is a beautiful and lovely addition to any nursery.

A soft brown furry rocking horse suitable from 12 months
A rocking horse suitable from 12 months

Tiny and Star Musical Snow Globe 

This beautiful snow globe features the Mama and Papas characters: Tiny the penguin and Star the elephant inside a snowy wonderland. The keepsake plays the tune "Twinkle Twinkle little star" and has the message "You are my biggest adventure" on it.

A snow globe in grey and white with an elephant and penguin inside with glittery white snow
A Magical Musical Snow Globe

Tiny and Star Imprint tin

They are only small once and pretty soon you will struggle to remember just how small which is why taking a hand or foot print makes a lovely memory. This special imprint tin has modelling clay in as well as a card to record the imprint date and age of child and their name. The tin is 15.5cm diameter so there should be plenty of space for imprint. I would recommend trying a footprint as they are generally easier because babies instinctively close their hands when you push them into the clay.

A round tin with the message my little imprint tin and a picture of a penguin and elephant
A tin to record your baby's hand or foot print on their first Christmas

Forever Treasured Trinket Set

This small silver plated trinket box makes a first Christmas gift that children will treasure as they grow up.  It comes with the message "forever treasured" on the lid and includes: a rabbit, bird and acorn pieces.

A small metal box next to metal figures of a rabbit, bird and acorn
Tiny Forever Loved Trinket Set

Making Baby's First Christmas Magical

Remember a baby's first Christmas isn’t just about the presents. You can make magical memories with new foods and singing songs to them and ringing sleigh bells. Even if you have a newborn at Christmas they can have a special time looking at all the Christmas decorations: tinsel and Christmas lights are a beautiful sensory experience (make sure you don't leave them unattended or let baby mouth decorations). 

It doesn’t have to be perfect though so don't put pressure on yourself. Your baby is not going to remember their first Christmas. This day is about making special memories for the family so do your best to enjoy the day and be with them rather than rushing around. Do take time to take some photographs though, I treasure the photographs I took on my baby's first Christmas. They might be blurred and unprofessional, but I look back on them with a happy heart.

A 3 month old propped up on a sofa in a christmas dress and striped tights next to an oversized  bear shaped card saying "Grandaughters first Christmas"
Happy memories of my daughters first Christmas

Here are a few more newborn gift ideas for a baby's first Christmas.

AD Baby's first Christmas Gifts and Ideas

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