Why Jeans Are The Ideal Staple Item For Your Wardrobe

Is there a pair of jeans in your wardrobe? I'm sure there is. They are a staple outfit and owned by pretty much every woman. They can be dressed up, dressed down and worn pretty much anywhere making a good pair of jeans something you will wear every week. This flexible piece of clothing can be mixed with any footwear from trainers to heels and any accessories you have. But you have found the perfect jeans for you yet?

Blue Jeans Side by Side

The key thing to know about jeans though is there is there is no one-size-fits-all pair of jeans; which is why they come in so many cuts and styles. To help yourself look your best you should find the right jeans for your physique, personal style and budget. Women often don’t consider their body shape when buying jeans which means they buy denim which isn’t as flattering as the could be.

Selecting the Right Jeans for Your Body Shape

Do you have an hourglass shape? Then you should go for a pair of skinny flare jeans. Women with this body shape have similar size bust and hips and a narrower waist. The reason to go for this shape is to accentuate your curves and create an overall balance. Additionally, flare jeans with a high waistline match a slim waist while enhancing one’s curves. If you want to highlight your bum go for mid-sized pockets.

If you have an apple shaped figure with a wider middle, then go for tapered ankle jeans or a pair of skinny jeans with a loose shirt to look your best. Women with this figure have a curvier top than the bottom. Low-rise denim looks great on those with slimmer figures.

What Denim Do I Select for an Athletic Shape? In most cases, any denim looks good if you have a muscular body frame. Lower-rise jeans complement women with shorter torsos and elongated legs, and vice-versa. To get a curvier feature, opt for flare or bootleg denim.

Improving Your Clothing Collection with the Right Denim

Due to the versatility that jeans offer, there is a pair for everyone, ranging from flares to skinny jeans, but it’s not just the style and cut you should think about, the fabric and colour matter too. Altering the hue of your denim can give you a different appearance and the best way to find out what works for you is to experiment. Try out as many outfits as you can, and see which one fits your body shape. When you find that perfect pair you might want to buy more than one of them.

Jeans are an investment piece of clothing that really should be owned by everyone and they last for ages. Still not convinced? If you haven’t fallen in love with jeans yet maybe you just haven’t found the right pair? If you often find them uncomfortable try a few more styles and maybe consider “stretch” versions or jeggings. Try different colours and fabrics and soon you will find your perfect match.

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