How To Avoid The Divorce Pandemic?

As time passes, faith in the institution of marriage seems to get weaker. It feels like every year divorce rates increase, and people wonder, are divorces contagious? However, that's not the question you should be asking. What you should be wondering is why these divorces occur and how you can cultivate a healthy relationship. 

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What's causing the divorce pandemic?

Knowing how to avoid a divorce requires an understanding of what causes divorce in the first place. Some of these reasons include:

Rushing in:

When couples don't take the time to know each other, they don't have the time to put up with each other's flaws and begin viewing the other person as perfect. This perception is shattered post marriage when couples face serious challenges, and they have a hard time accepting the flaws in their partner. Often, instead of acceptance, they develop a loathing for each other, leading to a divorce.

Lack of communication:

Communication is vital for any relationship. When couples don't take the time to communicate their worries with each other, a marriage can take a wrong turn. This happens when a partner's habit upsets the other, and instead of discussing the matter, the couple ignores it, or if they do discuss it, the outcome isn't a conversation but an argument. This leads to both partners consistently bottling up emotions and hiding them from their counterparts. They develop hate and tension, ultimately leading to separation.

How do I avoid a divorce?

The key to avoiding divorce is improving your relationship, but this effort must come from both partners. Some of the ways to cultivate a healthy relationship include the following:

Talking things through:

Experts recommend couples take at least ten minutes at the end of the day to talk about how their day went. This helps relieve stress, reconnect  and reassure them that their partner is there. 

Couples should make a point to communicate every aspect of their lives properly. As simple as what we want to get for groceries or how much can we contribute to our bills this month? This helps avoid argument and ensures understanding on where the other person stands on a matter.

Meeting halfway:

Marriage is a union between two people, so key decisions must contain input from two people. If only one of the partners is calling the shots, it gets messy. Thus, it's essential for couples to always listen to their partner from an objective perspective and cooperate where they can. When partners are flexible, it adds more trust and strength to their bond. 

Devoting the right time to each other:

A marriage is only successful when couples make time for each other. Letting a busy schedule get in the way of your marriage is the worst decision one can make. Devoting the right time to one's spouse will lead to more time to enjoy each other's company and add meaning to the marriage.

Final words:

With these tips in mind and a positive attitude, one can make the most of their marriage. It is, after all, a cause of joy, and that is how it should always be. 

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