Review: The Adventures of Paddington Magazine

(AD). A new magazine has just been published and it’s all about The Adventures of Paddington. Aimed at 3 to 6 year olds this magazine will appeal to children whether they watch the TV programme or not. We received a copy of Issue 1 (released in April 2021) of the official Paddington magazine to review. 

A happy looking 5 year old holding The Adventures of Paddington Bear magazine in front of her ready to review it
Review of The Adventures of Paddington Magazine

This is a great magazine for my 5 year old with plenty for her to do. Younger children wont be able to complete all of the activities, but they will still have lots of fun and I know mine always enjoyed the stickers in similar magazines when they were preschool age. 

What's In The Adventures of Paddington Magazine?

The magazine is packed full of activities including:
  • 2 stories (one with “Do You Remember?” questions);
  • A craft activity (making finger puppets);
  • A game (sticker bingo: roll 2 dice, add them together and stick on the right sticker);
  • A 12 page workbook section with: count, write, colour, find and match pages;
  • A dot to dot;
  • A drawing page children are encouraged to send in when complete and possibly be featured;
  • A recipe (paw print cookies);
  • 2 letter/ word activity pages

and lots of stickers to use on the activities.

A 5 year old girl completing a dot to dot activity in a magazine.
Completing a dot to dot activity

Close up of a child sticking on a star shaped super sticker to the adventures of paddington magazine
There are stickers for completing pages in the workbook section

A child pointing at 2 images and showing one of the differences in a spot the difference activity
The spot the difference wasn't too easy and required a good amount of focus

close up of some of the stickers in The Adventures of Paddington Magazine
Issue 1 of The Adventures of Paddington has 92 stickers to use in the magazine

As well as all the activities in each issue, when bought in the shops, it comes with toys on the cover. The first issue comes with a "shopping set" including: a little shopping trolley, 3 coins, a chip and pin machine and cardboard cash card and some foam 2D pieces of shopping and Paddington.

Close up of the toys with the first issue of the paddington bear magazine including a plastic chip and pin machine, mini shopping trolley, foam pieces and a pretend cash card
The toys in Issue 1 encourage shopping role play and maths

A Magazine Which Encourages Learning

My 5 year old is a reluctant reader and avoids writing whenever possible so I am always looking at ways to encourage her. The Adventures of Paddington magazine aims to make learning fun and supports the 7 areas of EYFS learning. If I give my daughter a standard workbook she sees it as work, but a magazine (especially one with plastic toys on the front) falls into the fun category so she is more open to completing the activities. I love that while enjoying this magazine she has practised her maths, writing, pen control and letter recognition without the normal resistance we get to these activities when they are seen as school work.

2 children leaning over a magazine and looking at an activity about the alphabet
The bright magazine appealed to my children

view from behind of a child writing on a template of 3 words: ketchup, cereal and milk
My daughter wanted to take part in the activities despite being a reluctant writer

Close up of some of the "Count" page in the Adventures of Paddington magazine
The magazine includes aspects of all the sections of the EYFS framework

What Else Do You Need To Know?

In Issue 1 there was a full page advert for Paddington toys, as well as an advert for subscribing to the magazine and an activity they can sign up to with Unicef, but I like that adverts are kept to a minimum in this 36 page magazine. The pages are bright and colourful and are printed on paper from sustainably managed forests. The magazine can be recycled once finished with. 

The second issue of The Adventures of Paddington from Redan's Fun To Learn brand is on sale in the UK on 5th May 2021 priced at £3.99 and it will come with a tea party set. If you like the sound of the magazine, but don’t want your magazines to come with plastic toys them subscribing would be a great option for you because it doesn’t come with the toys. The magazines are published every 4 weeks.

The front cover of Issue 1 of Paddington Magazine with toys attached
The Adventures of Paddington Issue 1


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