How to be More Involved in Your Child’s Education

(Sponsored Post) Supporting children with their school work has highlighted the importance in becoming involved in your child’s studies when you’re able to each day, even if it’s for a short while. Having that relationship with your child’s education will be paramount to them improving within their academic career, but now they are back at school how can you continue to be involved in your child's education?

I’ve collaborated with this sixth form in Somerset that will provide you the best advice on supporting your child through their studies.

Parent and child sitting at a table looking at work

Get involved in their homework

Each time they have homework make sure you sit with them and ensure they understand each part of the question. Go through the assignments step by step to check they follow the processes correctly and in order for them to improve their studies, and effectively rely on you if the need arises. This will help you understand what they are learning and how (some of the methods may have changed since you were at school)

Ask your child about their day

When they come in from a long day at school they may be feeling excited, elated, or even stressed and upset. Make sure you console your child should they need the support. If there are any elements that they are struggling with their work, it’s important to show that it’s okay if they are stuck and asking for advice should be welcomed.

Incorporate their studies into daily activities

When out and about, try and add elements of their studies into questions, games and role play. This will remind them of the many ways that they can make their way through daily life with the skills they’ve been taught in school.

Use additional learning aids like TV, books and music

Without directly using study time as a way of educating your child, using other mediums such as educational television, play books and music can really boost your child’s memory skills and critical thinking. They can also be used in children’s revision aids to remember specific elements of their studies.

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