Safest Flooring Ideas for a Nursery

When planning for a nursery, people tend to lay little emphasis on the flooring, as all the attention is centred on the crib, colours and toys for the toddler. Few parents realise that not having the right flooring can make a difference in the child's growth and development. Babies are often light sleepers so a safe and sound absorbing flooring option should be considered. 

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Here are some nursery flooring ideas and why they work well in nurseries 


This flooring is durable, easy to clean and comes in many designs that never go out of style. Since it is resistant to chemicals and allergens, it makes a wonderful option to install in a nursery. However, hardwood flooring is expensive and since the surface is hard, it can cause the little one to get bruises, especially when they are learning to walk.


Due to its softness and cushioning, the carpet is one of the most obvious choices to install in a baby's room. A natural fibre woollen carpet is a one option for a forgiving surface for the nursery, especially because you will be spending loads of time on the floor, playing or grooming your little one. Also woollen carpets are budget friendly, deaden the sound and retain their colours for years if properly maintained.


Laminate flooring is another good option for those who like the look of hardwood but not its high cost. Apart from being inexpensive, a laminated floor does not require any extensive polishing and waxing to make it look good. Again if there are accidental spills by the baby, they can be simply wiped clean. If you want to add softness to the surface, you can place a small area rug to the space, many of which can be machine washed to easily keep clean. 

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Rubber flooring

This is another good child friendly flooring option widely used for nurseries and childcare centres. A rubber floor can withstand high traffic, is easy to clean with a cloth and warm water. It is a safe surface which can withstand accidents and absorbs sounds of high decibels. The only drawback is this type of surface may emit odour, which the little one may find irritable.

Cork flooring

Cork gives the look of wood and the feel of a carpet, does not collect bacteria and is easy to clean and maintain, which is a necessity in the playroom of the child. Moreover, this hygienic option can be recycled after use, and if sealed properly, can resist spills and stains. However, due to its softness it is susceptible to damage and wear and tear

Wood flooring

Probably the best option wooden floor is an extremely popular option with parents looking for a suitable surface for the nursery. Natural wood flooring is non-toxic and safe for children. Wooden flooring is easy to clean and maintain by just using a vacuum cleaner and a wet cloth to wipe the surface.The surface can be kept bacteria free and last for many years. Though the floor is hard and can cause bruises in case of accidents, it is still preferred as it gives the babies room an element of freshness. Moreover solid wood flooring can last for years and damage removed by proper sanding.

Expecting a new arrival is an exciting moment in the life of any family, but the real test begins when you set up the child's bedroom. From wet nappies to milk spills and toilet training, you will have to consider all the wear and tear as your child grows up stage by stage. I hope the ideas suggested above will keep the nursery clean and shining right through the developing years.


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