Loungewear to Partywear: My Coming Out Of Lockdown Style

(AD) Fashion, as in what people are ACTUALLY wearing, over the last year has been a strange thing. I've had no need for anything smart or going out dresses, but have added to my collection of sweatshirts in a big way. On the school run, when school hasn’t been taking place in my dining room, I mostly wear jeans and a coat so it’s only those who watch my Instagram stories who really have a clue what I have been wearing.

Me in a garden wearing a posh frock and drinking pink champagne
Being able to socialise with others, even if it's just in the garden, feels like a reason to celebrate

The Rise Of Loungewear

Loungewear sets have become THE thing to wear because when the world is crazy and we are more likely to have a take away that eat in a restaurant we want to be comfy and warm at home. I started the first lockdown in maternity leggings and pyjamas, but realised I should upgrade and get something that wasn’t over 6 years old with fraying seams, I had the delivery guys to open the door to regularly after all.  I soon discovered that loungewear is so much more than a scruffy tracksuit you pull on after a trip to the gym, but there are lots of stylish options which were great for staying at home or leaving the house (on the rare occasions that actually happened).

One of the great benefits of loungewear sets, besides the comfort, is that they are pretty forgiving in the sizing. I find ordering clothes online can be a bit hit and miss, but how wrong can you go with a tracksuit? Even if the material is occasionally on the thin side and your pants are a little visible, does it matter when it’s only your children and cat that see you for more than 5 minutes?

Khaki loungewear set tracksuit is great for lazy days at home

Loungewear sets can be surprisingly stylish

Going Out Out

Comfortable clothes have been my priority over the last year, but finally after what feels like the longest winter ever it’s not all just about staying at home on our own. There is sunshine and the chance to meet with other people, even if it’s only outside. Who cares if we are meeting up in our back gardens or outside the pub; it feels like a celebration and I think we should dress up for the occasion. My dress of choice this Spring is a black midi dress (because lockdown hasn’t been kind to my waistline and black is definitely the most forgiving colour), even if it is regularly getting paired with a big winter jacket! It will be warm enough to show more flesh soon.

A Black Midi-Dress is perfect for socialising with friends on Spring afternoons

Aiming To Look Better For Summer

Wearing more fitted clothes again has made me take a long hard look at my body though. I have written several times about my lockdown weight gain and it’s no longer something I can ignore. I am doing my best to avoid boredom and stress eating which have been my nemesis recently. In April 2021 my weight peaked at 10kg higher than January 2020, that’s a 15% increase, eek! The regular running last year helped, but this year has been cold, demotivating and the Christmas over indulgence continued through to Easter.

While I wish I could embrace my new larger size I just can’t. So many of the clothes I love no longer fit me and I have even had to take my rings off as my jewellery got uncomfortably tight. I’ve only ever had to do that when pregnant before. I’ve got a few new items of clothes to make me feel better about myself in the short term, but I want to feel fitter and healthier again which I never really do after stuffing myself full of cake (although there are definitely some feelings of satisfaction). 

I find my weight gain is also a reminder of my age. When I was younger of course the fat went to my waist, but it also made my boobs a lot bigger. Sadly that is no longer the case and my chest is one area that doesn’t seem to have grown, saves on getting new bras I guess.

I have been thinking a lot about turning 40 recently. There is so much I can’t control in the world, but I can have control over how I look so I’m cutting down on those take aways and choosing to wear that midi dress (when I’m not in loungewear of course). I'm determined that by the time I hit that big 40 I will feel so much healthier.

Tracksuits are a great option for exercise on cooler days

Outfits received from Femme Luxe.

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