Review: Modibodi Maxi-24 Hour Period Pants

(AD) Thanks to the confidence gained from Modibodi Maxi-24 hours pants I have just had my first period using just period pants. Normally I use period pants alongside a menstrual cup, but at times this can be a faff to change so it was nice not to worry about anything. I am a big fan of period pants, but some are much better than others. When I heard Modibodi had a new Maxi 24 hour range I was keen to try them and see if I would recommend these high absorbency period pants.

Me wearing a pair of black period pants in the Maxi-24 hour style from Modibodi
Testing out Modibodi Maxi-24 hour classic bikini style period pants (size 14)

Modibodi Maxi-24 Hours Absorbency Period Pants Review

I wanted to try the Maxi-24 pants for a few reasons:

◍ Modibodi claim they are super absorbent and able to cope with up to 50ml. Some women only lose this amount of blood across their whole period, but at my heaviest I would lose around this amount in one day which is too much to wear most period pants all day. My periods aren’t as heavy as they used to be and I don’t know how much blood I lost while wearing the pants, but they did a good job and quickly locked away liquid so I didn’t feel damp.

◍ The 24 hour claim. Ignoring how much blood they can absorb some period pants brands recommend their pants are only worn for 8 hours maximum. I have found that sometimes the pants can start to smell after being worn for a while, but I didn’t notice that with these pants.

◍ The size of the absorbent gusset. The absorbent panel runs from the top of the pants all the way up the back. I think this is essential for heavy flow days, not just because it gives more space for liquid to be absorbed, but because it means at night you can lie on your front or back and feel secure that the panel will catch the blood.

A close up of the inside of the period pants from modibodi
Despite being very absorbent the gusset is relatively thin and stitching lies flat

close up of the care label and fabric information on Modibodi Maxi-24 hour black period pants
Care label information in the period pants contains washing advice

Why I would recommend the Maxi-24 Hour Pants

The difference between period pants brands and styles is always most obvious with the higher absorbency pants. I have tried a lot of different period pants and the Maxi-24 hour style is now definitely on my favourites list.  Despite being really absorbent the panel isn’t thick so they don’t feel like a nappy. The seams don’t stick out either which makes them comfortable and they don’t rustle when I move around.  These are all issues I have had with other brands.

The Maxi-24 hour pants from Modibodi come in a variety of styles including bikini, full brief and sleep shorts. I received the classic bikini which is my least favourite style because a bikini cut accentuates my slightly bloated period tummy. I’m also bigger than normal at the moment so I don’t think they look very flattering, but they are comfortable and I know they will be coming out of my underwear drawer every month now. The bikini and short styles are currently available up to size 18, but other styles like the full brief are available up to size 26. I find the sizing true to size. I am wearing size 14 which is a little tight because I'm probably currently a size 16.

If I was going to say anything negative about these pants then it would be that after a few washes they look a little tired with the outer bamboo material attracting fluff (unlike viscose mixes or similar) and the material on the gusset is looking very slightly bobbly. I’ll accept that this will be affected by my washing of them and it doesn’t affect their performance or comfort in anyway.

My last period was made a little more challenging due to me feeling pretty ill on one of the days. I don’t know why, but my migraine took a turn for the worse and for half a day I felt really sick. I had to lie in bed and I was sick anytime I tried to get up. This was horrible, but handily as I was wearing the Modibodi pants on that day I didn’t have to worry about leaks. I was particularly impressed because (and sorry if it’s too much information) there were times when the force of my stomach contracting when I was sick was forcing liquids out both ends. I can’t say for sure if it was blood or wee, but either way despite being 20 hours into wearing them the pants did their job admirably. I wouldn’t recommend testing them in this way, but if your are unfortunate enough to be ill you can be reassured that the Modibodi Maxi-24 hour pants have your back (and front).

rear view of classic bikini modibodi maxi-24 hour period pants being worn
The absorbent gusset goes all the way from the front waistband to the back

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Maxi-24 hour period pants review. Modibodi's highest absorbency pants

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