3 Ways To Babyproof Your Life Before Your First Child

When you’re expecting a baby there are a huge number of things to keep in mind before your delivery day comes. A priority though has to be the importance of babyproofing your house, car, and life as a whole in time for your new child’s arrival. Here are 3 things to keep an eye on in the run up to the big day. 

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1. Car safety

Making sure your car is equipped for infant safety is a hugely important step. Having the proper equipment can make a world of difference. When you’re looking for the right car seat, you should treat it like an investment. A good quality car seat, like by Shop Venicci, will become invaluable if you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident. Look for trusted names with good safety ratings and make sure they fit your car correctly. 

Before your baby arrives is also a good time to give your car a clear out and deep clean. Newborns are more susceptible to everyday germs than adults as their immune systems aren’t fully developed yet. Anything not secured in your car can fly around in the case of an accident causing potential injury to your or your child. By keeping your baby’s surroundings clean and uncluttered, you’ll help keep your child safe from any manner of threats- both visible and invisible. 

2. Babyproofing your home

Before you bring a child into the world, it can be easy to let routine home safety measures fall by the wayside, but what might pose a small risk or inconvenience to you now, might be significantly more troublesome when you have a small child. Small things like making sure your smoke detectors are properly installed, your electrical devices are functioning safely, and making sure your home is properly weatherproofed are quick fixes which will make all the difference for your new child. 

New additional steps to consider immediately (and definitely before your child can crawl and starts to pull up or cruise) include installing baby gates at the top and bottom of stairs and securing, or removing, any precarious pieces of furniture which might be prone to toppling with the right nudge. Think about replacing any blinds with hanging cords which can be a strangulation risk and start organising any wires you’ve got out in the open. 

Babyproofing the home is a lengthy process, but one which is vital to ensure your child stays safe and healthy. By getting a head start on it, you’ll ensure that your home is ready by the time your baby is old enough to be getting themselves into harm. 

3. Start using a diary

If you haven’t already, now is the time to flex your organisational muscles and look into starting a schedule or diary. You will be surprised at how little free time you have and you'll want to use it well add in all the appointments and milestones you need to keep track of and being organised will pay off. And all this is at a time where you are getting less sleep than ever before so it is easy to forget things. 

Whether you use a physical diary to help you keep track of upcoming events or a simple app on your phone to remind you of your impending appointments, keeping track of your responsibilities like this will take a load off of your mind. 

Having your first child is a big change in your life. By planning ahead with the practical elements it can make the experience less stressful and allow you to focus on the special moments.

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