My 39th Birthday - What I Did

Birthdays are strange things aren’t they? Last year I decided to take things into my own hands and organise everything resulting in loads of decorations and afternoon tea with my family. This year I haven’t been so bothered and I left it to chance. So what happened…

Being given a chocolate cake with the candles lit by my 5 year old daughter
Vegan Chocolate Cake for My Birthday 

Waking Up On My Birthday 

I woke up to find I had won the lottery. Twice! I had winnings of “Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollar” that David L Robert with a dubious email address contacted me about and £5 from the National Lottery which was paid into my account.

My inbox also revealed some new work, a gift card from my Dad and various “presents” from companies I’m on the mailing list for including: a 10% discount from MusicMagpie, 20% off at Yoox, 25% off (one item only) at H&M and £7.50 off at Protest. Definitely inspiration to get shopping, it’s a shame I don’t want anything from any of these places at the moment. Well I could easily find some bits at H&M, but the money being off just the one item felt a little pressured.

I came downstairs and was impressed that G had got me birthday bunting, fake wisteria decorations, lots of little balloons and a much hinted for birthday helium balloon.  The children actually let me open my own presents for once, but they persistently tried to eat all the chocolate people had given me until we left the house for school. 

The balloon didn’t last very long as unfortunately my middle one was playing with it while I was drinking my coffee and burst it. Still I appreciated the awesome (and expensive) balloon for that 30 minutes and I managed to keep calm when it popped. Maybe I’m maturing?

The birthday effort by my partner included birthday bunting and balloons
I loved the effort my partner made


People always struggle to choose me gifts and I never know what I want which tends to result in toiletries, chocolate and gift cards. Better than unwanted gifts I guess. I received a tea towel and note cards from my sister, chocolate, beef jerky and an eye mask from G (and IOU’s), some food and drink from other family and money and vouchers.

I also got a Nintendo Switch from myself in anticipation of some of the money I would receive. It was a long considered purchase that I fully expect everyone to use so I even bought some extra controllers to allow 4 player games. I resisted the requests to let Little stay home from school to play on it.

me pulling a sad face while holding a deflated multi coloured disco ball balloon with Happy Birthday Kate on it
Pop goes the birthday balloon, but it was awesome

A Quiet Day

We were late leaving for school and Little decided last minute she wanted to go in the little car. By then we didn’t have time to swap everything over so had to go in the big car which made her miserable. To be honest she had been a bit sad since she burst my balloon, but given that I hadn’t snapped about the damage despite my disappointment I didn’t think I really deserved the grumps.

After getting the small ones to school and nursery I headed to our local retail park. The changing rooms are still closed in Next so I had to buy an armful of clothes to make sure something fitted. I got some fab new trainers too. I also popped in to Home Bargains (coming out empty handed), TK MAXX where I got a sweatshirt and some plant pots and ALDI for a few bits of food.

When I got home I tried on everything and there is only one item I want to take back which is a definite result. I managed to fit in a quick bit of work before rushing off to nursery too.

We had a quiet afternoon before picking my daughters up from school. 

Me holding the cards I got for my 39th birthday wearing a new pink sweatshirt
Got to pose with my cards wearing my new sweatshirt

Games Night

(This section contains affiliate links because why not? One of you might buy something and then I get a treat!)

I had decided I didn’t fancy anything special for dinner, but as soon as we got back from school we had some of the birthday cake G bought (we had 3 different choices!). We then played Mario Kart on the Switch until dinner and then Mario Kart and Just Dance 2021 until little people’s bedtimes. 

Playing on the Switch reminded me just how much my eldest doesn’t like losing (oh my gosh she got so upset during Mario Kart) and how uncoordinated I am. When playing Just Dance both my daughters got double my score somehow. I’m not surprised they were better than me, but being that much better than me was embarrassing. Fortunately, like my younger daughter, I enjoy taking part nearly as much as winning. G watched us for a little while and said the issue was my timing is completely off. No surprise there.

Once we finally got the children to bed I got G to play on the Switch with me. We played Mario Party which I found frustratingly slow in places, but the games are ok. We were having fun, but then BB woke up so we basically had to give up. G could hardly keep his eyes open anyway so I thought I would be kind and call it a night.

Playing Mario Kart with my 3 children on my birthday
Playing Mario Kart with my children

All in all in was a quiet birthday, but a nice one. I loved the effort G went to, it was nice to spend some time shopping on my own and the Switch meant I got some good (and bad) family play time.

Here’s to being 39.

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